IALCCE 2014 - Program

Technical Tour

Technical Tour of Central Circular Route, Metropolitan Expressway

  • Metropolitan Expressway
  • Metropolitan Expressway
  • Metropolitan Expressway
  • Source: HP of Metropolitan Expressway Co., Ltd.

Wednesday, November 19
Duration: 3.5 hours
Participants will observe the outstanding construction technology of expressways in Japan. With 2020 Olympic Games taking place in Tokyo, there are dire needs for civil engineering projects. The tour will take you to the construction site currently underway for Shinagawa Line of Central Circular Route, Metropolitan Expressway. Upon completion of Shinagawa Line in March 2015, the whole Central Circular Route will be open to traffic, and is expected to improve the accesses of Tokyo, Yokohama and Chiba, easing the chronic traffic jam within the area.

Maximum participant count: 20 participants

<Time schedule>

13:10 Assemble at lobby, RIHGA Royal Hotel Tokyo
13:20 Depart RIHGA Royal Hotel Tokyo by bus
14:00 Arrive at Ōi Junction Construction Office
14:00-16:00 Technical Tour
16:00 Depart for RIHGA Royal Hotel Tokyo by bus
16:45 Arrive at RIHGA Royal Hotel Tokyo

<How to apply>

If you wish to participate in the technical tour, please send an email to IALCCE2014 Symposium Secretariat mentioning your name and registration number. When doing so, please do not forget to mention "IALCCE2014 Technical Tour" in the title of your message.
The application will be accepted on first come first served basis, and we will close registration once it reaches the fixed number. Once accepted, the Symposium Secretariat will send out Admission Letter. Please bring the letter to the registration desk on the day of the tour. We appreciate your kind understanding.

Thank you very much for the interest towards our Technical Tour.
The applications received have reached the fixed number and we have closed registration.