Atsuko UEDA

Professor, Waseda University



 Office: Waseda University, Political Science & Economics, Nishi-waseda 1-6-1, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 169-8050, JAPAN

 E-mail: aueda @


Specialization: Household behavior, applied micro-econometrics

Current research projects: Intergenerational Mobility in East Asia, Women in Economics


Japanese Women Economists Network (J-WEN)


J-WEN supports academic career for young women.

J-WEN is endorsed by the Japanese Economic Association (JAE).

Currently serving as the project leader of: gAnalysis on young and women economists in Japan: Current status and issuesh (2013-15), Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (B)



  Ph.D. (Economics), University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1994.

  M.S. (Economics), University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1992.

  B.A. (Economics), University of Tokyo, 1983


Professional Experience

Waseda University, Political Science and Economics (2001-current: Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Professor)

University of Tsukuba, Policy and Planning Sciences (1995-2001: Research Associate, Assistant Professor)

Tokyo Metropolitan University, Department of Economics (1994-5: Research Associate)


Papers in English

gIntergenerational Mobility of Earnings in South Korea,h Journal of Asian Economics 27, 33-41 (2013).

gIntergenerational Mobility of Earnings and Income in Japan,h The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy 9(1), Article 54 (2009)

gA Dynamic Model of Childbearing and Labor Force Participation of Married Women: Empirical Evidence from Korea and Japan,h Journal of Asian Economics 19(2), 170-180 (2008)

gA Dynamic Decision Model of Marriage, Childbearing, and Labor Force Participation of Women in Japan,h Japanese Economic Review@992(5), 825-874 (2007)

gIntrafamily Time Allocation of Housework: Evidence from Japan,h Journal of the Japanese and International Economies 19(1), 1-23 (2005)

gA Growth Model of "Miracle" in Korea,h Journal of Policy Modeling 22(1), 43-59@(2000)

gMeasuring Distortion in Capital Allocation: - the Case of Heavy and Chemical Industries in Korea -,h Journal of Policy Modeling 21(4), 427-452 (1999)

gOn the Determinants of Career Interruption by Childbirth among Married Women in Japan,h with Jiro Nakamura, Journal of the Japanese and International Economies 13(1), 73-89 (1999)

 gCapital Allocation and Economic Growth in Korea,h unpublished Ph.D. Thesis, University of Wisconsin - Madison (1994)


Working papers in English

gIntergenerational Earnings Mobility in Taiwan,h (with Fengye Sun) Waseda University, Research in Contemporary Political and Economic Affairs, Working Paper Series No. 1306 (2013)


gEducation and Intergenerational Earnings Transmission: The case of Japan and Korea,h Waseda University, Research in Contemporary Political and Economic Affairs, Working Paper Series No. 1305 (2013)


gAn Analysis of Regional Business Cycles using Prefectural Composite Indexes in Japan,h (with Kazumi Asako and Takashi Onodera), Hitotsubashi University, IER Discussion Paper A.603 (2014)



Classes offered in English

(Graduate program) Applied micro-econometrics, Economic Data Analysis

(Undergraduate program) Basic Econometrics, Quantitative Approach for Political Economy