Notes on the Teaching of Far Eastern History
Summary of key elements in the history of the Far East, with bibliography and list of resources. Published in 1962.
Technical Japanese Translation
An archive of the Technical Japanese Translation newsletter published by Donald L. Philippi from May 1983 to November 1984.
Polish Government in Exile
Official Pamphlet of the Polish Government in Exile published in 1989. In December 1990 the Government in Exile fulfilled its promise to hand over power to a freely elected democratic Polish government, thus establishing legitimate continuity between the Second and Third Polish Republics.
Memorandum on the Fate of Poles in the Soviet Union
Contrary to world-wide attention given to the problems of Jews, Germans, Tartars and, recently, Armenians, the plight of some 4 million Poles in the USSR has been virtually neglected. The purpose of this Memorandum is to make their fate an international issue and to provide an incentive for international action.
Ostatnim Transportem z ZSRR do Iranu
A short unpublished memoir (in Polish) of the last transport of Polish soldiers and civilians from their camp in Krasnovodsk to Iran. An English translation is available here.
Free the Polish Eagle
A book-length account of Edward Dzierżek's experiences in Soviet captivity during WWII. This online version has been extensively edited to correct mistakes and improve readability. It has not been abridged in any way.
Spoken English and Broken English
Transcripts of four recordings made by George Bernard Shaw for the Linguaphone Institute.
It Loses Something in the Translation
Article by Paul A. Kolers, originally published in Psychology Today in 1969.
Kipling and Modernism
Literary criticism at its finest. An analysis of Kipling's verse by Craig Raine, writer, poet, and lecturer at Cambridge University. Originally published in London Review of Books in 1992.
All Gone Pear-Shaped
Article by Mike Seabrook (a former police officer) on UK police jargon, originally published in Verbatim in 1996.
The Scholars and the Goddess
A review of recent research that contradicts much of the accepted wisdom of Neo-Paganism (Wicca). Originally published in The Atlantic in 2001.
One of Edward Bulwer-Lytton's last poems, published under the name of Owen Meredith.
Email Guidelines
An archive of supplementary materials used in an elective business correspondence course taught at the School of Commerce. Changes in Internet usage have rendered these materials irrelevant at best, obsolete at worst.