Brent de Chene
          Professor (emeritus), Waseda University

          rovere7 at gmail dot com

          dechene at waseda dot jp

My current research interests are represented by the book manuscript The Boundary between Grammar and Lexicon: Evidence from Japanese Verb Morphology, to be published by John Benjamins. The book argues that two distinct strands of research on Japanese and Ryukyuan verbal morphology converge on a unified conclusion concerning the fundamental division between the lexically listed and the freely generated, a conclusion that places derivation and inflection on opposite sides of that boundary. An earlier statement concerning the background of my two previous books and my research interests circa 2010 can be found here; a brief CV is available here.

Recent Papers


Syntactic and Lexical -ase- are Distinct SuffixesJournal of Japanese Linguistics 38: 193-230.

Sanskrit Nominal Stem Gradation without MorphomesWord Structure 15: 28-54.


On the (Ir)regularity of Dunan Verbal MorphophonologyJournal of Japanese Linguistics 36: 253-289.

r-Epenthesis and the Bigrade Alternation: The Role of Phonological Distance in the Regularization of Japanese Verbal InflectionDiachronica 37: 178-214.


r-Epenthesis and RyukyuanGengo Kenkyu 155: 101-130.


Root-based Syntax and Japanese Derivational MorphologyOn Looking into Words (and Beyond), ed.Claire Bowen, Laurence Horn, and Raffaella Zanuttini, 117-135. Berlin: Language Science Press.


Description and Explanation in Morphophonology: The Case of Japanese Verb InflectionJournal of East Asian Linguistics 25: 37-80.


Probability Matching Versus Probability Maximization in Morphophonology: The Case of Korean Noun InflectionTheoretical and Applied Linguistics at Kobe Shoin 17: 1-13.

Recent Presentations

Reanalysis and Regularization in Morphophonology: Korean Noun Inflection and Beyond  University of Hong Kong, October 25, 2018
On the (Ir)regularity of Dunan Verbal Morphophonology  155th Meeting of the Linguistic Society of Japan, Kyoto, November 25, 2017
Reanalysis Triggers in Japanese Morphology (poster)  24th Japanese/Korean Linguistics Conference, Tokyo, October 15, 2016
Japanese Derivational Morphology and Root-based Syntax  152nd Meeting of the Linguistic Society of Japan, Tokyo, June 25, 2016
The Centrality of Underlying Representations: Evidence from Reanalysis  Workshop on the Current Status of Phonological Representations
    in Phonology, Annual Meeting of the Linguistic Association of Great Britain, London, September 16, 2015
The Complementarity of Synchronic and Diachronic Explanation in Phonology  Workshop on Historical Phonology and Phonological Theory,
    48th Annual Meeting of the Societas Linguistica Europaea, Leiden, September 4, 2015
The Duality of Phonology: Automatic and Nonautomatic Alternations at the Explanatory Level  Workshop on Nonautomatic Alternations in
    Phonology, 47th Annual Meeting of the Societas Linguistica Europaea, Poznań, September 11, 2014
A New Corpus of Colloquial Korean and its Applications (with Kevin Tang (poster))  14th Conference on Laboratory Phonology,
    Tokyo, July 26, 2014
Minority Alternations are in the Lexicon (poster)  21st Manchester Phonology Meeting, May 24, 2013

Selected Older Papers

The "Tense" Morphology of Conditionals
The Locus of Agreement Features in the DP
Case and Concord
Prosody and Subject Traces
Topic, Focus, and Quantifier Scope in English