Graham Law, SILS, Waseda University, Spring 2022

First Year Seminar B (Class 49, Spring Term):

British Children's Fantasy Fiction

* If all registered students can attend class in person, and if health and safety conditions allow, this class will be held in-person on the Waseda campus in 11-803. However, if some registered students are not living in the Kanto area, it will be held as a hybrid class, and if health conditions worsen, it may move entirely on-line.

(1) Contents
* The theme of this seminar is "British Children's Fantasy Fiction." The main aim is to encourage students to read two complete novels during the course, at the rate of one every five weeks. These will be quite lengthy works but the language encountered will be relatively simple. Class work will be based on exercises to improve reading comprehension and to promote discussion of the cultural and moral issues raised by the stories. The nature of Evil is one of the key themes raised in the two novels read this term. Where appropriate, versions of the stories in other media (for example, TV and film dramatizations) will be made available, to promote thinking about the nature of literary form.
* At the same time, the course will provide an opportunity to develop the basic academic skills that you will need in your studies at Waseda. These include:
a) how to find and use the appropriate study materials, whether in the library or on the web;
b) how to present your findings and ideas effectively, whether orally or in writing.
A special two-week period between the reading of the two novels will focus specifically on these activities.
* This class is designed specifically for students of lower English ability (TOEFL-PBT of less than 500), to help then broaden their vocabularly, increase their reading speed, and gain confidence in speaking
* The course will also offer help and support to all participants in selecting study abroad options and making appropriate preparations.

(2) Texts & Schedule

J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets (1998)
J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit (1937)

Week 1
Introductory session

Week 2 Harry Potter II, chs. 1-4
Graham LAW
Week 3 ,, chs 5-8 

Week 4 ,, chs 9-11

Week 5 ,, chs 12-14

Week 6
,, chs 15-18

Week 7
Study Abroad Focus ---

Week 8
Library and Web Resources Quiz

Resources Quiz
Week 9 The Hobbit, chs 1-4    Graham LAW Model THaDQ
Week 10 ,, chs 5-7

Week 11 ,, chs 8-11

Week 12 ,, chs 12-14

Week 13
,, chs 15-19

Week 14
Overview session

Week 15 Final submission/Individual consultation

Click on the links above for the DISCUSSION QUESTIONS for each session in Adobe PDF format.
Click here for the PRESENTATION SCHEDULE for the whole term.

(3) Requirements:

Please complete the reading assignment regularly each week, come to the class on time, and try to use English all the time when communicating with the instructor or with your fellow students.
In addition to regular attendance and active participation, students will be required to give TWO brief team presentations and produce TWO sets of WRITING ASSIGNMENTS, each including both a story summary and a mini-essay.
Grades will reflect attendance and class participation, as well as the fulfillment of formal presentation and writing assignments.
    Writing Assignments: 50%
    Presentations: 30%
    Class Contribution: 20%

(4) Contact

Office Hours: Wednesday  3 / Thursday 3
Office No: 11-1455

E-mail: [email protected]

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