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GSICCS Seminar:
Culture and Communication IS

Subtitle A Media History Approach
Course Description The main aims of the research seminar in the opening year of the Master's course are firstly, to offer training in the basics of academic research in the field of media history, and secondly, to support each student in selecting and beginning to develop an appropriate research topic.
This seminar will be dedicated to the comparative study of the history of communications media in industrialized (or industrializing) societies, in particular, with regard to Western Europe, North America, and East Asia. Though the course may consider each of the four major media transformations of the last two centuries – the periodical grevolutionh(newspapers, magazines), the audio-visual grevolutionh (phonograph, cinema), the broadcasting grevolutionh (radio, television), and the internet grevolutionh(networking, digitalization) – the main focus will be on social and cultural rather than scientific/technological aspects of change. In the earlier part of each semester, class sessions will be led by the course instructor, while the later part will be given over to presentations and related discussion by student members concerning their own research projects.
Syllabus Likely organization, though subject to change depending on the number of seminar members:
[Week 1]: Introductions: Aims, Methods, Materials
[Weeks 2-4]:
On potential research themes
[Weeks 5-7]: On appropriate research methods

[Weeks 8-15]: Student Presentations
Textbook No formal textbook. Course materials can be downloaded from the links below.
***Please note that many PDF files are located in a LOCAL folder. This means that they can only be accessed from within the Waseda system (i.e. you must download them EITHER from a computer at the university OR while connected to the university network via VPN). Otherwise, you will receive a message as follows: "FORBIDDEN You don't have permission to access this URL on this server".***
Works of Reference To be announced in class as required.
Grading Method 30% Oral presentation
50% Writing Assignments
20% Attendance & Participation


W1  4/6
 Preliminary session: "Housekeeping" & Introductions: Aims, Methods, Materials          
       Class Memo          Academic Writing Checklist              Masters Thesis Basic Instructions
 On some potential research areas/themes (Reading & Discussion)                                                                Reporters

W2 4/13

 1 Political transparency & digital media

 Reading:   Economist1

  Daniel, Fatema                    

W3 4/20
 2 Election campaigns & new media  Reading:   Economist2   Ikumi, Jo

W4 4/27
 3 Social media & collective action   Reading:   Economist3   Jonathan, Thuy

 On appropriate research methods (Practical & Theoretical Questions)

W5 5/11

 1 Using Web-Based Library Catalogues

 Worksheet: ResearchMethods1

W6 5/18

 2 Using Library-Subscription Databases

 Worksheet: ResearchMethods2

W7 5/25

 3 Using General Web Resources

 Worksheet: ResearchMethods3

 Student "work-in-progress" presentations
W8 6/1                      

W9 6/8

W10 6/15

W11 6/22

W12 6/29

W13 7/6

W14 7/13

W15 7/20

W15 7/27  <spare>

Office Hours: Tuesday 3 / Thursday 3
Office No: 11-1455

Reports and other communications can be submitted to me either in class, or by mail to:
Post : G Law, Minami-cho 3-9-18, Nishitokyo City, Tokyo 188-0012
E-mail : [email protected]

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