Graduate School of Letters, Waseda University -- Graham Law -- Academic Year 2010 Fall Term

20th-Century British Fiction: The Short Story

Course Description
The class will be devoted to analyzing a series of fourteen short stories written throughout the last century. Students will be encourage to read the stories in suitable intellectual, social and aesthetic contexts. Writers discussed will include Forster, Joyce, Woolf, and Lawrence from the early years, and Greene, Golding, Lessing and Spark from the later decades.

All students should try to obtain a copy of:
The Second Penguin Book of English Short Stories, ed. Christopher Dolley (1972)
The Penguin Book of Modern British Short Stories, ed. Malcolm Bradbury (1987)

From Dolley:
1. E.M. Forster, 'The Road from Colonus'
2. James Joyce, 'Ivy Day in the Committee Room'
3. Virginia Woolf, 'The Mark on the Wall'
4. D.H. Lawrence, 'The Horse Dealer's Daughter'
5. Katherine Mansfield, 'Feuille d'Album'
6. Joyce Cary, 'Government Baby'
7. Graham Greene, 'The Destructors'
    ** (Large file) Download Dolley File HERE 

From Bradbury:

8. Elizabeth Bowen, 'Mysterious Kor'
9. William Golding, 'Miss Pulkinhorn'
10. Kingsley Amis, 'My Enemy's Enemy'
11. Alan Sillitoe, 'The Fishing-Boat Picture'

12. Doris Lessing, 'To Room Nineteen'
13. Muriel Spark, 'The House of the Famous Poet'
14. Kazuo Ishiguro, 'A Family Supper'
(Large file) Download Bradbury File HERE

Assignments and Evaluation
Students must give a couple of class presentations and write a paper of around 8 pages (2,000 words). The written paper should be on a different topic from the class presentations and should reflect a broad knowledge of the area covered by the class.
To achieve top grades, students registered must:
a. participate actively and relevantly in the class sessions
b. produce assignments that place the literary works that they discuss in a suitable context, and which constitute coherent arguments supported by appropriate evidence.

Click here for details of the PRESENTATION SCHEDULE.
Click here for details of the WRITING ASSIGNMENT.

For Further Reading and Reference
HEAD, Dominic. The modernist short story: a study in theory and practice. 1992.

HANSON, Clare, ed. Re-reading the short story. 1989.
ALLEN, Walter. The short story in English. 1981.

MAY, Charles E, ed. Short story theories. 1976.
LOHAFER, Susan. Coming to terms with the short story. 1983.

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