Graham Law, SILS, Waseda University

Current Academic Interests

Literature and Culture Studies

* The Victorian Novel 

* The life and work of Wilkie Collins

* The serial publication of Victorian fiction, especially in newspapers

* The internationalization of the serial fiction market in the nineteenth century

* Popular fiction genres, especially sensation novels, adventure stories, and thrillers

* British Film, especially in the 1940s and 1950s

* Editing and Digitalisation

Language and Education

* The history and theory of English-language education in Japan

* The teaching of English as a foreign language, especially reading skills

* The use of computers in education, especially in the study of languages and the humanities

Copyright (C) Graham Law, 1996-2004. All rights reserved.
First drafted Sat Mar 23 1996.
Last revised Mon 29 Mar 2004.

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