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New Series, Volume 2, 1999




RICHARD COLLINS The Ruins of Copan in The Woman in White: Wilkie Collins and John Stephens's Incidents of Travel in Central America, Chiapas, and Yucatan

SIMON COOKE Reading Landscape: Wilkie Collins, the Pathetic Fallacy and the Semiotics of the Victorian Wasteland

K.A. KALE Could Lydia Gwilt Have Been Happy? A New Reading of Armadale as Marital Tragedy

PHYLLIS WELIVER Music and Female Power in Sensation Fiction


ALLAN W. ATLAS Collins, Count Fosco, and the Concertina

STEVE FARMER & GRAHAM LAW 'Belt-and-Braces' Serialization: The Case of Heart and Science
[Data File (PDF 196K)]


LYN PYKETT The Letters of Wilkie Collins William Baker & William M. Clarke, eds.

JENNIFER CARNELL Wilkie Collins, Iolani; or, Tahiti as it was Ira B. Nadel, ed.

ADRIAN J. PINNINGTON Wilkie Collins, The Moonstone Steve Farmer, ed.

STEVE DILLON Oxford Reader's Companion to Dickens Paul Schlicke, ed. Oxford Reader's Companion to Trollope R.C. Terry, ed.


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