Hideo Iwasaki

Contemporary Papercut & Biomedia Artist, Biologist
Email: [email protected]

Lab for Molecular Cell Network & Biomedia Art, Dept. of Electrical Engineering & Bioscience, Waseda University
TWIns 1F, 2-2 Wakamatsu-cho, Shinjuku, Tokyo 162-8480, Japan

1971 Born in Tokyo
1978 Started papercutting
1989 Started abstract papercutting
1995 Graduated from Dept. Agricultural Science, Nagoya University, Japan
1999 Ph.D. from Graduate School of Science, Nagoya University (Biological Science), Postdoctral fellow (JSPS)
2000-2005 Assistant Professor, Division of Biological Science, Nagoya University, Japan
2004-2008 Visiting Researcher, RIKEN, Japan
2005-present: Associate Professor, Waseda University (Lab. for molecular cell dynamics & biomedia art)
2007-present: PRESTO Researcher, JST (Precursory Research for Embryonic Science and Technology, Japan Science & Technology Agancy)

Art Exhibitions & Lectures
-Group exhibition at Sudo Art Museum (Ginza, Tokyo)
-The 1st Toyota Triennial (Sculpture Prize, Toyota City Museum, Aichi)
-Invited presentation at Art Workshop "Cold School Media Select 2004" (Nagoya University)
-Invited lecture & exhibition at JT Biohistory Research Hall (BRH) (Tkatsuki, Osaka)
-Lecture at Nagoya Art University: "Representation of life in fine arts" (Nagoya) 2007
-Featured in a Chinese design journal tbjhome (Beijing)
-Lecture at Tokyo Tech. on "Life forms in contemporary arts: relation to cell synthesis"
-Howard Richter Prize, the 9th Spiral Independent Creators Festival (Aoyama, Tokyo)
-Invited lecture at Tohoku University: "Representation of life in contemporary arts" (Sendai, Japan)
-Lecture at SciArt Cafe at the University of Tokyo (with Dr. Yoichiro Murakami) (Tokto)
-Lecture at the Japanese Society for Cell Synthesis:"Biomaterial art as an interdisciplinary field"

-Group exhibition, the 10th Havana Biennial (Havana, Cuba)
-Artist Lecture at Casa de Asia (Havana, Cuba)
-Invited exhibition at the 10th Spiral Independent Creators Festival (Aoyama, Tokyo)
-Exhibition & talk at the 3rd MAKE! Tokyo Meeting (collaboration with Akihiro Kubota & Emiko Inoue)(Tokyo)
-Artist Lecture at Shimokitazawa Art Cafe (Tokyo)
-JST-curated Artist Lecture (Interviewed by Mr. Keiichiro Fujisaki, Aoyama Book Center,, Tokyo)
-Joint exhibition with the Kubota Lab (Tama Art Univ) at the ScienceAGORA 2009 (Miraikan, Tokyo)
-"Biomedia Art" Symposium at the Society for Cell Synthesis Research (chair & panelist, Univ. Tokyo)
-Cooperation with Oron Catts (SymbioticA) on 'Victimless Leather' presented at the Mori Art Museum (Tokyo, Nov 28, 2009-Feb 28, 2010)
-World premier of the Ex.12 contemporary music premier: Monodrma "Cello in an Isolated Island" by Motoharu Kawashima (composer), Tomoki Tai (cello), Arima (sound control) and Iwasaki (artwork) (21 Dec., 2009, Suginami Concert Hall, Tokyo)

Artist lecture at the National Institute for Infectious Deseases (8 Jan., Tokyo)
Hideo Iwasaki+Emiko Inoue Exhibition (Feb24-Mar19,2010, Institute for Medical Science, Univ. Tokyo)
Artist Lecture & SciArt Cafe (Mar 6., Univ. of Tokyo)
Holland Paper Biennial (6 June-12 sept, Rijswijk Museum, Netherlands)
Artist-in-Residence & Solo Exhibition (Aug-Sept, Gallery Wuensch, Linz, Austria)

2001 The Inoue Prize for Young Scientists for outstanding doctoral thesis (Identification and functional analyses of circadian clock proteins in cyanobacteria)
2003 The Japanese Society for Chronobiology Prize
2004 Outstanding Sculpture Prize, The 1st Toyota Triennial
2008 The Howard Richter Prize, The 9th Spiral Independent Creators Festival
2008 The Japanese Ministry of Education Science Minister Commendation Young Scientist Prize (2008)

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