Hideo Iwasaki Lab
Laboratory for Molecular Cell Network & Biomedia Art,
Department of Electric Engineering and Bioscience,
Graduate School of Sciences and Engineering,
Waseda University;
metaPhorest (Biological/Biomedia Art Platform)

2-2 Wakamatsu-cho, Shinjuku, Tokyo 162-8480, Japan
Tel: 81-3-5369-7317
Fax: 81-3-5269-9060
Email: hideo-iwasaki(a)waseda.jp :Please replace (a) with @
Activities and Members


 The 12th metaPhorest Seminar
COHEN VAN BALEN (Tuur van Balen + Revital Cohen, artists)br /> (2012.11.8, 18:00-19:00, Waseda University TWIns 2F)

Flyer from here (pdf, in Japanese)

¡"SEIMEIBIGAKU (BioAesthetics) EXHIBITION" by metaPhorest:
exhibition and research meeting v\by artists in residence at metaPhorest

(2012.10.18 -10.27CWaseda University, Nishi-Waseda Campus, 63th Bldg, 1F Open Spacej

 UPDATE_4 Biennial, New Technological Art Award
-Juan M. Castro's "Heliotropika" has been nominated and shown in Belgium (2012.9/22-11/18, Gent)

¡The 9th Japanese Society for Chronobiology
-Hideo, Miki and Sotaro gave talks. (2012.8.15-16, Hokudai, Sapporo)

¡Hideo was invited to 6th Society for Young Microbiologists
to give a talk
"Science and Aesthetics of Cyanobacterial Patterns". (2012.8.8-8.10, Tokyo)

¡Dr. Shin-ichi Morita from The Sako Lab, RIKEN visited us and gave a talk on Raman spectrometry for biological studies. (2012.7.31)

¡The 11th metaPhorest Seminar
Prof. Shohei Yonemoto (Science Historian, The Grad Univ. for Advanced Studies)
"Hans Driesch as a singular point of modern natural philosophy"
(2012.7.27, Waseda University, TWIns 2)

Flyer from here (pdf, in Japanese)

¡Mr. Tetsuo Hatakeyama at Kaneko Lab, University of Tokyo gave a talk.
"Temperature compensation of circadian oscillation by enzymatic competition model"
(2012.7.13, TWIns 2F)

¡The 10th metaPhorest Seminar
Prof. Yuji Dogane (media artist, Kyoto Art University)
i2012.7.11, Waseda University, TWIns 2F)

Flyer from here (pdf in Japanese)

¡Hideo was invited to talk at Japanese Society for History of Biological Science (2012.6.23-24)
"BioAesthetics: Synthetic Aesthetics, metaPhorest, and Biomedia Art"

¡An anthropologist and STS researcher, Mr. Neal Akatsuka (Harvard Univ) gave a talk (2011.6.22)

¡The 9th metaPhorest Seminar
Dr. Alicia King (Biological artist)
"The Ephemeral Flesh Project"
(2012.6.20, Waseda University, TWIns 3F)

Flyer from here (pdf, in Japanese)

¡Hanaoka et al/ "RpaB, another response regulator operating circadian clock-dependent transcriptional regulation in Synechococcus elongatus PCC 7942", J. Biol. Chem. in press

¡Seminar by Prof. Hironori Niki (National Institute of Genetics, JP)
(2012.6.12, Waseda University TWIns 2F)

¡Seminar by Dr. Hirokazu Fukuda(Osaka Pref Univ. & PRESTO) on circadian control in plants and engineering
(2012.6.2, Waseda University TWIns 3F)

¡The 8th metaPhorest Seminar
Dr. Fuminori Akiba (Aesthetician, Nagoya University)
"Aesthetics of Harness"
(2012.6.1, Waseda University, TWIns 2F)

Flyer from here (pdf in Japanese)

¡7th metaPhorest Seminar
Dr. Juan M. Castro(metaPhorest) ""Biodynamic geometry and report on SCIENCE ART 2012 in Moscow"
i2012.4.20, 16:30-18:00, Waseda University, TWIns)

¡Exhibition "4th State of Water: from Micro to Macro" (curated by Victoria Vesna)
(The Centre of Contemporary Art in Torun, Poland, 2012.3.2 - 4.29)
- metaPhorest members, BCL (Shiho Fukuhara and Georg Tremmel) and Hideo Iwasaki will show some artworks.

¡First International Conference & Exhibition SCIENCE ART'2012
(Lomonosov Moscow State University, 2012.4.1 -4.5)
- A metaPhorest member, Juan M. Castro will show his artwork, "Heliotropika".

¡ Japanese Society for Plant Physiologists (Kyoto, 2012.3.16-3.18)
- Miki Umetani and Hiroko Kushige gave talks on unicellular and multicellular cyanobacterial clock systems, respectively

¡< Exhibition "Economics of spirit: Yuji Dogane and Kyoko Nakamura"
(ASK? [Art Space Kimura], Tokyo, 2012.2.14 - 3.2)
- Kyoko Nakamura, a metaPhorest member, showed her artworks togather with a pioneering Japanese biological artist, Yuji Dogane.

¡A joint graduation theses presentations from Takamatsu Lab + Iwasaki Lab (TWIns, 2012.2.9)

¡Master theses presentations (at TWIns, 2012.2.6 -2.7)

¡Prof. Osamu Sakura (Univ. Tokyo; STS studies) visited us and gave a lecture. (2012.1.21)

¡Bio e-Cafe "Biology ~ Art -maze of Bio Media Art"
(2012.1.17CTsukuba Science Center, Japan)

¡Prof. Mitsuyasu Itaya at Keio Univ (genome engineering) visited us and gave a lecture.

¡Taro Okamoto 100th Anniversary Exhibition (2011.10.15-2012.1.9, at Taro Okamoto Museumj
- Hideo's work entitled "Boundary Garden" (installation) was presented.

¡"bio-aesthetics" symposium, invited lecture (2011.12.18, Nagoya University)
- H. Iwasaki "Biomedia/Biological Art Platform: metaPhorest and Synthetic Aesthetics"

¡Japanese Society for Molecular Biology Workshop "Survival strategies of unicellular organisms - from a cell to population", invited lecture (2011.12.15, Yokohama)
- H. Iwasaki "Spatio-temporal pattern formations in cyanobacteria"

¡Species Biology Symposium, invited lecture (2011.12.11, Shizuoka, JP)
- H. Iwasaki "Spatio-temporal pattern formation dynamics in cyanobacteria"

¡Media/science artists, Prof. Victoria Vesna (UCLA) and Prof. Machiko Kusahara (Waseda Univ.) visited us.

¡Japanese Society for Chronobiology, (2011.11.24-25, Nagoya Univ.)
- N. Hosokawa and H. Iwasaki "Phase responses against different photoperiodic conditions in cyanobacteria"
- Y. Murayama et al. "Reconsideration of circadian rhythm arrest under low temperature"

¡Science Agora Workshop on Synthetic Biology (2011.11.19, MeSci)

¡Special lecture at Tokyo Medical and Dental University
- H. Iwasaki "Biomedia art and synthetic biology"

¡Dr. Toshio Iwasaki (Nippon Medical Univ.) and his lab members visited us (2011.11.9)

¡Contemporary artists, Mio Iizawa and Akiha Yamakami visited us (2011.11.8)

¡Tokyo Designers Week 2011
(2011.11.1-11.6, Shinjuku, Tokyo)
Joint Exhibition "(Tamabi + Enzan Kobo) x Waseda metaPhorest x Keio SFC = Bio x FAB!"
-DIWO (do It wirh Others) project on "BioFab" compiling digital fabrication (FabLab), biomedia art, and food art. Thanks for visit from more than 5300 people!

¡Media artist, Prayas Abhinav from India visited us (2011.10.24)

¡AAC Sound Performance Competition
A metaPhorest member, Toshiyuki Horie performed, and won the 1st prize
(2011.10.2, Nagoya)

¡Biomedia artisits, Shiho Fukuhara and Georg Tremmel (BCL, Biopresence), has joined the lab as visiting researchers (2011.10.1)

¡6th metaPhorestƒZƒ~ƒi[
-Joe Davis (Harvard, MIT) gave an impressive talk.

- Flyer from here (pdf)

¡Biomedia Art Workshop (2011.9.24-25, Tokyo University of Arts)
- Lecturers: Joe Davis, Akihiro Kubota, Hideo Iwasaki, Shiho Fukuhara, Georg Tremmel, Kazuhiro Jo, and Yusuke Takao"

¡A cyano-clock paper has been published on PNAS (2011.9.5)
- Hosokawa, Hatakeyama, Kojima, Kikuchi, Ito and Iwasaki
"Circadian transcriptional regulation by the posttranslational oscillator
without de novo clock gene expression in Synechococcus"

¡Symposium "Science, Art, Imagination", invited panelist (2011.9.3, Taro Okamoto Museum)

¡Japanese Society for Genome Microbiology Meeting, Society Prize Lecture (2011.8.19-8.20, Tohoku Univ.)
- H. Iwasaki "Elucidation of circadian clock mechanism in cyanobacteria"

¡"Young Biological Rhythms Researchers Meeting", invited talk (2011.8.6-8.7, Okayama Univ.)
- Talk show with Prof. Kazuhiko Kume (Kumamoto Univ.)

¡Cyanobacterial Genome Meeting (2011.7.2, Univ. Tokyo), invited talk
- H. Iwasaki "Cyanobacterial spatio-temporal patterns"

¡Form Science Symposium (2011.6.17-19, Chiba Univ.)
- H. Iwasaki "Cyanobacterial biomedia art"
- Y. Fukasawa and H. Iwasaki "Colony pattern formations in motile cyanobacteria"
- J. Ishihara and H. Iwasaki "Heterocyst pattern formations"

¡Our bioaesthetics platform for biological/biomedia art has been renamed metaPhorest (2011.4)

¡A paper on biomedia art and synbio has been published in Japanese (2011.4.20)
- H. Iwasaki "Biomedia art: critical boundary between art and science"

¡A media artist, Juan Manuel Castro has joined us officially as a JSPS postdoc (2011.4.1)

¡Meeting for Japanese Society for Plant Physiologists
(2011.3.20-2, Tohoku University, Sendai: MEETING CANCELLED)

¡5th Meeting of Japanese Society for Microbiological Genomics
(2011.3.14-16, Tohoku Gakuin University, Sendai: MEETING CANCELLED)

¡5th Symposium on Internal Measurement
(2011.3.12, Tokyo Science University: MEETING CANCELLED)

¡We extend our most sincere sympathy to all who have suffered from the devastating damages caused by "the Pacific Coast of Tohoku Earthquake".

We also thank our friends and colleagues for many, many heart-warming and encouraging messages to us from abroad! Fortunately all the lab members and the families are OK. As we are still facing to some difficulties in our daily life and research activities for this moment, our responses to mails, phones or some other media can be delayed somehow, but please do not worry.

Again, all the lab members sincerely wish that safety of the sufferers will be restored quickly and the serious area will recover as soon as possible. (H. I., 2011.3.14)

¡Symposium on "Synthetic Biology and Society"
-Hideo gave a talk on "Aesthetics Related to Contemporary Biology and Synthetic Biology"
(2010.3.8., Tokyo Office of Kyoto University)

¡Chronobiology Forum Tokyo 2011 (2011.2.12, Waseda Univ.)
- Hiroshi Ito, Chen Moyuan, Yoriko Murayama gave talks.

¡A media artist/designer, Ms. Fiona Raby and her 20 students at the Royal College of Arts (Design Interacction Course, London) visited us (2011.2.11)

¡Graduation Thesis presentations (Iwasaki + Takamatsu Labs)(2011.2.9)

¡An Australian biomedia/contemporary artist/photographer, Dr. Helen Pynor visited us (2011.2.4)

¡Master Thesis presentations (2011.2.2-2.3)

¡Hideo gave a special lecture at Tokyo University of the Arts on "What biomedia art is?"
i2011.1.14, Art Media Center, Tokyo University of the Arts)

¡A media/sound artist, Mr. Kazuhiro Jo(Tokyo University of the Arts) visited us (2010.12.22)

¡Japan Science and Technology Agency "The dynamic mechanism of and fundamental technology for biological system" the PRESTO researchers meeting (2010.12.20, University of Tokyo)
- Hideo Iwasaki "Molecular Network for Spatio-Temporal Pattern Formations Responsive to Environmental Changes"

¡Professor Makoto Hayashi (History and Philosophy of Biology; Kogakuin University) visited us to give a lecture.
"History, philosophy and ethics of the cell theory and synthetic biology" (2010.12.11)

¡Exhibition: Kyoko Nakamura (our residency, postdoc) and Yuji Dougane
"A shore of silt"
(2010.11.30-12.16, art space kimura ASK?, Ginza, Tokyo)

¡Yoriko's paper (at her former lab) has been published on EMBO Journal"Tracking and visualizing the circadian ticking of the cyanobacterial clock protein KaiC in solution"
(2010.11.26, advance online publication doi:10.1038/emboj.2010.298)

¡SymbioticA Symposium "Unruly Ecology: Biodiversity and Art" (2010.11.26-11.28, Perth + Lake Clifton, Australia)
-H. Iwasaki "From cyanobacteria to synthetic cells: their time, shape and art"

¡Hideo visited SymbioticA (Univ. Western Australia) to collaborate with Mr. Oron Catts (Director, SymbioticA), based on a"Synthetic Aesthetics" program
(2010.11.24-12.7, Perth, Lake Clifton, Australia)

¡A bio/media artist, Yuji Dougane visited us (2010.11.17)

¡Japanese Society for Chronobiology Meeting (2010.11.20-21, Waseda Univ., Tokyo)

¡Japanese Society for Cell Synthesis Research 3.0(2010.11.12-13, Univ. Tokyo)
-Akihiro Kubota, Hideo Iwasaki, Toru Takahashi "bioart.jp: toward cultivating biomedia art community in Japan"
-We open a Japanese portal site of bioart/biological art/biomedia art, BIOART.JP
(Sorry, for this moment Japanese only, but we will try run its English version: Supported by a Grant-in-Aid from Japanese Ministry of Science, Education, Sports and Culture)

¡Scandinavian artists, Mr. Jakob Simonson and Ms. Elisif Hals visited us (2010.11.8)

¡A renowned chronobiologist, Prof. Dr. Serge Daan (Groningen Univ.) visited us (2010.11.2)

¡Dr. Shoji Takeuchi (BioMEMS researcher, Univ. Tokyo) visited us and gave a lecture (2010.10.30)

¡IDEO designers, Mr Will Carey (also a member of Synthetic Aesthetics) and Mr. Beto Lopez visited us (2010.10.16)

¡Hideo talked at the Friend Hischool, Tokyo, on biological timing and art (2010.10.12)

¡Drs Mitsumasa Hanaoka (Chiba Univ.) and Naoki Takai (Nagoya Univ.), cyanobacterial researchers, visited us (2010.10.6)

¡Solo exhibition of Kyoko Nakamura (Postdoc, artist-in-residency)
"Anatomy of orchids: lines of reproduction and death of slow slicing"
(2010.10.8-11.10 Boutique Geodesique, Nakameguro, Tokyo)

"Slow slicing: the third synthesis of time of Deleuze" (part)

¡H. Iwasaki gave a talk on "Biomedia art: floating boundary between biology and art"
(2010.10.3, Nagoya, Japan: Science Cafe "Galileo Galilei")

¡A biological artist, Mr. Oron Catts (Director, SymbioticA, Univ. Western Australia), a design fellow, Ms. Daisy Ginsberg (Royal College of Arts, London), and a sociologist, Dr. Pablo Schyfter (Stanford Univ./Edinburgh Univ.) visited us for the "Synthetic Aesthetics" project (NSF-EPSRC)

¡Hideo Iwasaki Solo Exhibition
"Metamorphorest: dialogue between paper and bacteria" (2010.8-9, Galerie Wuensch, Linz, Austria)
c-artist-in-residence at Galerie Wuensch (aircube-project) 7.29-8.20
-exhibition opening 8.21, 7:00 pm
-special thanks to Ars Electronica Centre for the use of bacterial culture at Biolab, and Prof. K. Forchhammer (Tuebingen) for some strains
-also invited as a part of Light Art Biennial 2010

¡Selected as a residence memeber of the "Synthetic Aesthetics", an international art-science collaborative project on synthetic biology supported by NSF (USA) and EPSRC (UK) (2010.7.6).
A renowned biological artisit, Oron Catts (Univ. Western Australia, SymbioticA) and Hideo will be working together on the project.

¡Hideo has been invited to Holland Paper Biennial 2010 (2010.6.6-9.12, Museum Rijswijk, Hague, Netherlands)

¡New article published:
H. Iwasaki "Biomedia art: possibility of synthetic biology from an aesthetic view" (in Japanese)
Kagaku (Tokyo, Iwanami Press) July issue on synthetic biology, 747-754. (2010.7.1)

¡Hideo gave a lecture at The Institute for Advanced Biosciences, Keio University
"Biomedia art and synthetic biology: simultaneous performance of biology and art in lab" (2010.6.29)

¡Prof. Pegio-Yukio Gunji (Kobe Univ.) visited us. (2010.6.25)

¡Prof. Makoto Ichikawa (Chiba Univ.) visited us and gave a lecture on experimental psychology of time-perception (2010.6.19)

¡Japan-Netherlands Bionational Workshop on "Technology Assessment for Synthetic Biology" (2010.6.14, The Netherlands Embassy, Tokyo)

¡Hideo visited a bioart research center, The Art & Genomic Centre (TAGC) at Leiden University, and the VivoArt course by a renowned artist, Marta de Menezes(2010.6.11)

¡Hideo gave a comment on Venter's chemically-engineered cell at the J-Wave FM Broadcasting programme, Jam the world (2010.5.28)

¡Society for Research on Biological Rhythms (SRBR) 2010 (2010.5.22-29, Florida, USA)
*Hiroko, Norimune, and Tetsuhiro will give poster presentations.

¡Hideo gave a talk in "Discussion on Bioart in Japan", @the leading bioart center, SymbioticA (directed by Oron Catts, Univ. Western Australia), with Akihiro Kubota (media art), Toru Takahashi (philosophy) and Soichiro Mihara (media art) (2010.4.23)

¡Cyanobacterial physiologist, Prof. Karl Forchhammer at Tuebingen visited us. (2010.4.5)

¡Cyanobacterial researchers, Dr. Yukako Hihara (Saitama Univ) visited us. (2010.4.1)

¡Renowned media artist, Keiko Kimotovisited us. (2010.3.30)

¡Chronobiological researchers, Drs. Tsuyoshi Hirota (UCSD, Kay Lab) and Megumi Hatori (Salk, Panda Lab) visited us. (2010.3.16)

¡Bioengineering researcher, Prof. Kazuya Watanabe (Univ. Tokyo) visited us (2010.3.16)

¡A cyanobacterial photosynthesis researcher, Prof. Masahiko Ikeuchi (Univ. Tokyo) visisted us. (2010.3.10)

¡Frequent visit from various artists have visited us since Feb., includind Dr. Kyoko Nakamura (Tokyo Art Univ), Juan M. Castro (Tama Art Univ) and Erica Kaminishi (Tama Art Univ) for collaborative creation. (2010.3)

¡Science studies researcher, Masaki Nakamura (Osaka Univ) visited us (2010.3.8)

¡Crosstalk with a design journalist, Keiichiro Fujisaki
released on the website of "deep science" (2010.3.15)

¡Artist talk on our exhibition "boundary face" (2010.3.6, Tokyo)
*Maiko Watanabe, the curator, reported here (in Japanese)

¡Invited talk, 4th Meeting on Internal Observation (Chair, Pegio-Yukio Gunji, 2010.3.5 Tokyo)
*H. Iwasaki "Diaogue between paper and bacteria: current state and prospects of biomedia art"

¡ "boundary face <=> kaimen kuhkan" Hideo Iwasaki + Emiko Inoue Exhibition
Memorial Hall, Institute for Medical Science, University of Tokyo

2010.3.6 Artist talk by Emiko and Hideo, and SciArt lecture by Hideo
Flyer can be downloade from here

¡Finally, "Medicine and Art" Exhibition closed with more than 300,000 visitors successfully. "Victimless Leather" by Oron Catts supported by Hideo was removed from the Mori Art Museumi2009.11.26-2010.2.28j

Snap shot of collaboration by Oron and Hideo (2009.11)

¡Chronobiology Forum Tokyo (2010.2.13, Univ. of Tokyo)
*Tetsu Hatakeyama (M2) gave a talk.

¡Presentations for Master Theses (2010.1.28-29) and Graduation Theses (2010.2.3)
*Good works. Congratulations!

¡Featured on a Japanese monthly art journal "Art Notes (Bijutsu Techo)" (2010.2j

¡UK-Japan Synthetic Biology Workshop (2010.1.20-22, British Embassy, Tokyo)
*H. Iwasaki "Expression of life in contemporary biomedia art: an alternative 'synthetic' approach"

¡Seminar at the Plant Research Center, RIKEN (2010.1.12, Yokohamaj
*H. Iwasaki "Spatio-temporal pattern formations in cyanobacteria" (in English)

¡Invited talk, National Institute for Infectious Deseases (2010.1.8)
*H. Iwasaki "in lab Biomedia Art: Current State and Prospects"

¡Invited lecture, Chemical Biology Symposium on "Microbial Symbiosis and Chemisrty" (2009.12.25, Waseda Univ.)
*H. Iwasaki "Pattern formations in cyanobacteria"

¡JST PRESTO Meeting (2009.12.20-22, Tokyo)

¡Hideo performed visual art direction for the world premire of a contemporary musical theater piece, "Cello in an Isolated Island" (ex_dot 12)
Composed by Motoharu Kawashima, Cello: Tomoki Tai; Art direction: Hideo Iwasaki, Sound control: Sumihisa Arima (2009.12.21, Suginami City Hall, Tokyo)
Thanks for coming! It was an outstanding performance. My commentary for this art direction can be downloaded from here (sorry, only in Japanese)

Flyer (pdf)

¡Workshop on Molecular Biology of Cyanobacteria 2009(2009.12.4-5, Kazusa Research Institute)
*Kushige, Iwamori, Matsuoka, Kugenuma, Iwasaki "Spatio-temporal pattern formations in Anabaena sp. PCC 7120"
*Hatakeyama, Hosokawa, Iwasaki "Photoperiodic gene expression in bacteria?"
*Iwasaki, Inoue, Castro "Biomedia art using cyanobacteria and its aesthetics"

¡A renowned biomedia (tissue culture) artist, Dr. Oron Catts (West Australia University, Biological Art COE "SymbioticA", Director) gave an aesthetic workshop and talk (2009.12.3). Oron briefly worked in our lab for presentation of his biomedia artwork, "Victimless Leather" at the Mori Art Museum ("Medicine and Art" Exhibition, 2009.11.26-2010.2.28)


¡ Dr. Akira Hirose at National Institute for Infectious Deseases visited our lab (2009.11.18)

¡Interview with Hideo published on a design journal "BRUTUS" in Japanese, in relation to "MEDICINE and ART" Exhibition at the Mori Art Museum, Tokyo (2009.11.17)

¡A Japanese painting artist Kyoko Nakamura (Tokyo Art Univ) visited us (2009.11.16)

¡ Lecture and Seminarjat NAIST (2009.11.10)

¡Science Agora 2009: group exhibition on biomedia art project with Tama Art University (2009.10.31-11.3, MeSci, Tokyo, Japan)
*Artists: Hideo Iwasaki, Akihiro Kubota, Emiko Inoue, Mio Iizawa, Emi Yamamoto, Shigeki Uchiyama

¡Japanese Society for Chronobiology: Hiroko and Nori gave talks on cyanobacterial clocks (2009.10.25-27, Osaka)

¡Japanese Society for Biochemistry invited Hideo to gave a talk in a sympo on circadian biology (2009.10.21-24, Kobe, Japan)

¡Asai et al: Cyanobacterial Cell Lineage Analysis of the Spatiotemporal hetR Expression Profile during Heterocyst Pattern Formation in Anabaena sp. PCC 7120 has been published on PLoS ONE (2009.10.12)

¡Annual Meeging for Japanese Society for Cell Synthesis Research: Hideo served as a chief of program committee, and chairs an open symposium on "Expanding Biomedia Art: Welcome to the Labirynth!" (2009.10.1-3, University of Tokyo, Tokyo)

¡Shunsuke, Nori, Hiroko and Hideo attended ISPP2009i2009.8.9-14, Montreal, Canadaj

¡International Symposium on Biological Rhythm: Nori, Shunsuke and Hiro presented their works on cyano clocks (2009.8.1-8.4,Hokkaido Univ.,Japan)

¡Keiichiro Fujisaki (design journalist, editor) visited us with Tomoko Kuwako and Harumi Kusumi (Miraikan: National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation) (2009.7.14)

¡The cyanobacterial genomics meeting (2009.7.4, Univ. of Tokyo, Japan)
: Hideo Iwasaki "New insights on cyanobacterial circadian transcriptional control"

¡Tomoaki Yoshito and three grad students from Master of Arts Program for Journalist Education in Science and Technology, Waseda Univ. (MAJESTy) visited us for interview (2009.7.3)

¡Tomoko Kuwako and Harumi Kusumi (Miraikan: National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation) visited us (2009.7.2)

¡Art curators, Takahide Tsutiya and Reiko Tsubaki (Mori Art Musium) visited us for investigation of bioart (2009.7.1)

¡Our paper on cyanobacterial circadian and diurnal genome-wide expression analysis was accepted by PNAS. (2009.6.30)

¡Fu Tsurumaki and Shigeki Uchiyama (Artists) visited us for Artist-in-lab project. They will join the program from the end of June. (2009.6.24)

¡Michiko Kurushima (Vise chief editor, BT, Bijutsu Techo, a contemporary Japanese art journal) visited us (2009.6.23)

¡Go YoshizawaiGrad Sch. Public Policy, Univ. of Tokyo, STS) visited us for science studies on synthetic biology(2009.6.22)

¡The 1st Meeting for Japanese Society for Chronology: Hideo gave a talk on "From biological clock to cell synthesis? on social and cultural implications of synthetic biology" (2009.6.13-14, Yamaguchi University, Japan)

¡Tomo Watanabe (Assist. Prof., Tokyo Agricultural Univ.) visited us and gave a seminar: "Stress responses in cyanobacteria" (2009.6.9, Waseda Univ.)

¡Japanese Society for Developmental Biology (2009.5.28-31, Niigata, Japan): Ishihara, Iwamori, Asai, kawai, Shoji and Iwasaki "Quantitative observation of cell differentiation patterning in multicellular cyanobacteria using micro-device engineering"

¡Emiko and Hideo presented our artworks and gave a talk at "MAKE! Tokyo Meeting 03": collaboration with Akihiro Kubota (media artist, Tama Art Univ.) (2009.5.23-24, Tokyo)

¡NEW! "Systems Biology: The Challenge of Complexity" (Eds. Ditty, Mackey, Johnson•Ò) has been published from Springer. Hideo contributed to the chapter "A posttranslational chemical circadian oscillator in cyanobacteria" (2009.5)

¡iGEM Tokyomembers visited our lab, and started some experiments (2009.5.16)

¡10th SICF: Hideo was invited to present some hybrid art piece combining abstract papercutting and bacterial movies. (2009.5.2-5.5, Spiral Hall, Aoyama, Tokyoj

¡Hideo's biomedia art project was introduced on the Nikkei Newspaper article(2009.4.7)

¡Yomiuri Online introducing Hideo's activities (2009.4)

¡Hideo was invited to present hybrid art combining papercut and biomedia movies at the 10th Havana Biennial (2009.3.27-4.24, Havana, Cuba)

¡The first monograph on bacterial circadian biology, "Bacterial Circadian Programs"iDitty, Mackey, Johnson•Òjwas released. Hideo wrote the Chapter 9 "Factors involved in transcriptional output from the Kai-protein-based circadian oscillator" (2009.4)

¡Head ofA*STAR, Lim Chuan Poh visited our lab and institute (2009.3.16)

¡Japanese Society for Genome Microbiology: Hatakeyama, Hosokawa and Iwasaki "Dark-induced genes in Synechococcus elongatus" (2009.3.5-7, Chuo Univ., Tokyo, Japan)

¡Institute of Time, Yamaguchi Univ. invited Hideo to talk on "Science, Metaphors and art of biological rhythms" (2009.3.3)

¡Grad students in Sience journalism Program, Waseda Univ. visited us. (2009.2.26)

¡Chronobiology Forum Tokyo 2009: Nori, Shunsuke and Hiroko gave talks. (2009.2.21, TWIns, Waseda Univ., Tokyo)

¡Research Project on Scientific Discourse invited Hideo to give a talk on "What was the biorhythm boom like?" (2009.2.14, Kogakuin Univ., Tokyo)

¡Charcoal artist, KOHEIvisited our lab (2009.2.12)

¡Meeting on Rhythmic Phenomena IV invited Hideo to talk on "Metaphors and imegery of rhythms in life" (2009.1.23-24, Ochanomizu Univ.)

¡The 4th Bioculture Seminar: Makoto Hayashi (Science history, Bioethics, Kogakuin Univ.) gave a talk on "CELL from outsiders". it was really stimulating! Hideo co-chaired with Toru Takahashi (Philosophy, Waseda Univ.) (2009.1.17, TWIns, Waseda Univ.)

¡Hideo joined and gave comments on graduation exhibition of labs of Akihiro Kubota and Seiko Mikami at Tama Art University. (2009.1.14)

¡Shoji Takeuchi (Micro-device engineering, Univ. Tokyo) visited us and gave a lecture (2008.12.13)

¡Tetsuya Yomo (Synthetic Biology/Experimental evolution biology, Osaka Univ.) visited our lab and gave a lecture

¡Hideo was invited to give a talk at Kennichi Yoshikawa Lab, Kyoto Univ.: Iwasaki "Cyanobacterial pattern formations as Sci/ArtProjects" (2008.12.4)

¡Hideo was invited to give a talk atScience Cafe (Kagaku Hiroba) on "Synthesizing cells?" (2008.11.30, Tokyo)

¡The 3rd Bioculture Seminar (2008.11.25, TWIns, Waseda Univ.) invited a media artist/designer Hiroya Tanaka (tENT, Keio Univ. SFC)

¡Nanao joined our group as a secretary (2008.11.20)

¡Japanese Society for Chronobiology (2008.11.8-9@Okayama University): *Hosokawa, Kikuchi, Hatakeyama, Iwasaki "Transcriptional circuit for cyanobacterial dark-induced genes"; *Matsuoka, Kushige and Iwasaki "Clock control in Anabaena sp. PCC 7120"

¡Daisuke Kiga(Synethetic biology, Tokyo Tech) gave a lecture (2008.10.25)

¡Hideo was invited to Japan-France Plant Genomics Workshop 2008 "Genome-Wide Omics Analysis in Plant Sciences"(2008.10.19-10.23,Tsukuba Univ.): *Hideo Iwasaki "Systems and synthetic analysis toward understanding spatio-temporal pattern formations in cyanobacteria"

¡Japanese Society for Cell Synthesis Research Meeting 1.0 (2008.10.16-17@ Osaka Univ.): *Hideo Iwasaki "in lab biomedia art as an interdisciplenary field"; *Emiko Inoue and Hideo Iwasaki "Biomaterial as media in contemporary art"; *Karaushi, Kobe, Aono, Edamura and Iwasaki "Synthetic analysis on cyanobacterial circadian system"; *Iwamori, Asai, Kawai, Ishihara, Shoji, Iwasaki "Regular pattern formation of multicellular cyanobacteria under micro-culture conditions"

¡RIKEN Symposium "Toward Synthesis of Cells" (2008.10.14-15@Riken, Kobe)

¡The Second Sci/Art Cafe invited Hideo to talk with Yoichiro Murakami, a famous science historian and philosopher
(2008.10.8@Univ. Tokyo)

¡Keiko Kimoto (media artist) visited our lab (2008.9.29C10.11j

¡The 2nd Bioculture Seminar (2008.9.16, TWIns,Waseda Univ.)invited an artist Jun Takita (France/Japan) using biomedia

¡Mitsu Katayama (microbiology, Nippon Univ.) visited us. (2008.9.11, 9.15C9.29j

¡Science Portal released some information on Hideo's papercutting (2008.8.20)

¡Renowned artistic curator, Sachiko Shikata (ICC) visited us. (2008.8.15)

¡Akihiro Kubota (media art, Tama Art Univ.) visited us (2008.8.19)

¡Juan Castro (media art, Tama Art Univ.) visited us (2008.8.18)

¡Media artists, Akihiro Kubota and Juan Castro visited us (2008.8.8)

¡Prof. Toru Takahashi (Philosophy, Waseda Univ.) invited Hideo to give a lecture on cultural aspect of modern biology and biomedia art (2008.7.11)

¡Non-linear dynamics researchers, Hiroshi Kori and Hiroshi Ito (Ochanomizu Univ.) visited us. (2008.7.10)

¡Nature Digest Journal released an article (pdf file) on cell synthesis research, including an interview to Hideo (in Japanese, 2008.7.9)

¡A contemporary papercut artist, Kimbery Tamalonis (NY, USA) visited us. Thanks, Kim! (2008.7.7)

¡Lecture at the international symposium on "Systems BiologyFThe Challenge of Complexity" (2008.6.30-7.2, Tokyo) *H. Iwasaki "Spatio-temporal pattern formations in cyanobacteria"

¡Media artist Go Uozumi visited us (2008.6.26)

¡Kintake Sonoike (photosynthesis research, Univ. of Tokyo) visited us on the occasion of giving a lecture (2008.6.17)

¡Media artists, Akihiro Kubota and Seiko Mikami and their lab members at Tama Art University visited us. (2008.5.13)

¡Hideo won the Howard Lichter Prize at the 9th SICF (Spiral Independent Creators Festival, Spiral Hall, Aoyamam, Tokyo) for his contemporary papercutting. (2008.5.5j

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