Hideo Iwasaki Lab
Laboratory for Molecular Cell Network & Biomedia Art
Department of Electric Engineering and Bioscience,
Graduate School of Sciences and Engineering,
Waseda University

Research Interests

Spatio-Temporal Pattern Formation Dynamics in Cyanobacteria
Synthetic and Semi-Synthetic Genetic Circuits in E. coli, Yeast and Drosophila Culture Cells
Systems Biology and Molecular Physiology of Cyanobacterial Responses to Light-Dark Cycles
Historical & Cultural Studies of Biological Rhythms
Forms of Life in Contemporay Arts


Lab Members

Iwasaki, Hideo
Ph.D., Associate Professor & JST PRESTO Researcher (P.I.) ,
Genetics and physiology of spatio-temporal pattern formation dynamics in cyanobacteria;
Synthetic biology of biological rhythms;
Historical & cultural studies on biological rhythms;
Fine arts & Bioarts
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Murayama, Yoriko, Ph.D. (Postdoc, JSPS), Synechococcus circadian biology
Ito, Hiroshi, Ph.D. (Postdoc, JSPS, Ochanomizu Univ.), Theoretical & experimental analysis of biological rhythms

Nakamura, Kyoko, Ph.D. (Postdoc) Artist-in-residence (Japanese painting, Bioaesthetics)

Inoue, Emiko, Artist-in-residence (Biomedia art, Fine art)
Horie, Toshiyuki, Artist-in-residence (Biomedia art, Computer art)
Castro, Juan Manuel, Artist-in-residence (Biomedia art, Computer art)
Kaminishi, Erika, Artist-in-residence (Biomedia art, Fine art)

Nanao, Otsuka, Secretary

Kushige, Hiroko, Ph.D. Student/Research Associate (Anabaena circadian rhythms)
Hosokawa, Norimune, Ph.D. Student (Dark-induced gene expression in Synechococcus)

Aono, Daisuke, Graduate Student (Clcck-controlled proteins in Synechococcus)
Ishihara, Jun-ichi, Graduate Student (Anabaena heterocyst formation
Hatakeyama, Tetsuhiro, Graduate Student (Dark-induced gene expression in Synechococcus)
Umetani, Miki , Graduate Student (Anabaena pattern formation network)
Mikoshiba, Manabu, Graduate Student (Anabaena pattern formation and circadian rhythms)
Fukasawa, Yuki, Graduate Student (Cyanobacterial colony pattern formation)
Kojima, Takashi, Graduate Student (Clock-controlled sigma factor expression in Synechococcus)
Kugenuma, Hideyuki, Graduate Student (Anabaena pattern formation and circadian rhythms)
Chin, Sumifuchi, Undergraduate (Entrainability of KaiC protein)
Toga, Akira, Undergraduate (Temporality in cyanobacteria)
Minegishi, Takashi, Undergraduate (Semi-synthetic biology of cell differentiattion)
Miyagi, Yasuyuki, Undergraduate (Cell division control in cyanobacterial patterning)

Past Members

Kurosawa, Gen, Ph.D., Postdoc (Mathematical biology, JSPS) Currently, RIKEN, Japan
Enomoto, Mayumi, Secretary
Edamura, Kazusa , Undergraduate Student (Synechococcus circadian clock) Currently, University of Virginia, USA
Asai, Hironori, Graduate Student (Anabaena heterocyst formation)
Karaushi, Eri, Graduate Student (Synechococcus circadian clock)
Kobe, Taiichiro, Graduate Student (Semi-synthetic biology of circadian rhythms in E. coli)
Matsuoka, Masaki, Graduate Student (Anabaena heterocyst formation)
Miyoshi, Fumihiko, Ph.D., Visiting Researcher, 2005-2007 (Currently at Saitama Medical University)
Kikuchi, Yoshiyuki, Undergraduate Student, 2005-2007
Iwasaki, Shizuka, Undergraduate Student (Synthetic analysis on Anabaena pattern formation network)
Tozaki, Hirokazu, Ph.D. (Postdoc, JST), Synthetic & theoretical biology of genetic switch
Tsurumaki, Fu, Artist-in-Residence (product design, art)
Uchiyama, Shigeki, Artist-in-Residence (art)
Iwamori, Shunsuke, Graduate Student (Anabaena heterocyst formation)
Makishima, Osamu, Undergraduate Student (Pattern formation in Anabaena under various environmental conditions)
Nakamura, Shigetaka, Undergraduate Student (Dark-induced genes in Synechococcus)