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Hideo Iwasaki

Hybrid Art: Papercutting & Biomedia Art

Update: 20 May, 2009

I am working as both artsit and biologist (www.f.waseda.jp/hideo-iwasaki). Thus, my art-related activities also include studies on expresssion of life in contemporary arts as well as an attempt to possibility of 'bioarts, biomedia art, or biomaterial art'.

Although I have not attempted to include scientific motifs and thoughts into my papercutting, I started combining the papercutouts and biomedia to perform hybrid installations.

It is especially important for me to consider about notions of scientific-logic/metaphor, nature/artifact, organism/material, software/hardware/wetware, traditional fine art/post computational media art, etc...

As we have analyzed pattern formation and biological clocks in a special group of bacteria called cyanobacteria, which are ancestral to photosynthetic higher plants and the first oxidative organisms, they are the first media for our biomedia art project. To avoid simple transfer of scientific skills or knowledge we already know in the field of current biology, I started searching for as-yet-scientifically-unknown behaviors/patterns of cyanobacteria. The observed phenomena would be used as an artistic medium as well as a source of scientific research simultaneously and differentially.

From movies used for Metamorphorest II, III (2009)

In addition to my personal works, our lab started mutual collaboration with fine/media artists who are interested in the use of biological lab for their own artistic activities. For this moment, one artist (Emiko Inoue) is working in the lab (artist-in-residence in lab, 2008-) and some students and stuff in the Kubota-Mikami labs (Division of Media Arts, Tama Art University) often visit our lab for collaborative works.

Cyanobacterial culture and movies (H. Iwasaki):
Exhibition & Presentation at the "MAKE! Tokyo Meeting 03"
Digital Hollywood University
Hachioji, Tokyo (23-24 May, 2009)

At the meeting, other joint bio-art works with Emiko Inoue
(Waseda) and Akihiro Kubota (Tama Art Univ.) were also presented.

* Interview: Biomaterial art project combining bioscience research and contemporary art (TWIns, 2009)
* Bacterial Munch? Art & Science (Sorry only in Japanese; Nikkei Newspaper, 2009)
* Interview: Cyanobacterial spatio-temporal pattern formations (Yomiuri Online, 2008)

Metamorphorest III

The 10th Spiral Independent Creators Festival (SICF), Invited Exhibition
Spiral Hall, Aoyama, Tokyo
(2-5 May,, 2009)

(C) Hideo Iwasaki

Metamorphorest II

the 10th Havana Biennial, Casa de Asia, Havana, Cuba
(26 March - 25 April, 2009)

(C) Hideo Iwasaki

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