Hiroshi Inujima
Dr. of Engineering


I have been tracking records in solving problems about equipment condition diagnostic techniques through 25 years in the Laboratory of Mitsubisi Electric Corporation.
It's great fun to teach and plan special lectures for the needs of students.


Machine Diagnostic Technique
Spectrum Analysis
We are studing Sensor, Analogue electronic circuits, Measurement engineering, Signal analysis, Statistical analysis, the base and application of Man-machine interface.
 Special subjects of study are Mearurement of micro volt level signal, Signal processing and Deta analyses tecuniqus in Machine DiagnosticTechniques.


· IEEJ The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan ( committeeman )
· SICE The Society of Instrument and Control Engineers
· IPSJ Information Processing Society of Japan
· JSME The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers ( committeeman )
· AESJ Atomic Energy Society of Jajpan
· JSCE Japan Society of Civil Engineers
· JEA Japanese Economic Association
· JSAE Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan

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