JIN KUSAKA Laboratory @ WASEDA University

- Calculate thermodynamic properties from the chem.bin file.
   Link to cklib.f with CKSTR.H    :    ThermPro.f
- Reaction mechanism
   Diesel oil surogate mechanism : diesel.zip
   Gasoline surogate mechanism : gasoline.zip
Normal butane mechanism : nbutane.zip

   Gasoline surogate mechanism with A2R5 : g_suro_a2r5.zip

- For 64 bit WINDOWS ( If you use these in Linux, refer to write makefiles in Linux versions)
   ckinterp.zip     senkin.zip     select.zip    creslaf_select.zip   equil.zip 
   eqselect.zip (Link to cklib.f with CKSTR.H) new!
   surfinterp.zip  creslaf.zip       tran.zip  
* Some machine constant files, for examples, amach.f, pmach.f, dmach.f etc., are incuded in cresraf.zip. Use and try the suita
ble machine constats file for which you aime to buid for intel or AMD. etc. For recent Intel processors, amach.f is recommended (may be!).
- For Linux ( If you use these in Windows, refer to project files in WINDOWS versions)
   premix.zip      premix_select.zip   
- Samples
   creslaf_sample.zip      premix_sample.zip
- Sandia national laboratory reports
   Equil.pdf (not CHEMKIN-2 original)

- Example of a script for making bat files and input files for CHEMKIN-II: writeinp.f
-Calculate IMEP from dat.thermo and chem.bin.
   Link to cklib.f with CKSTR.H   :     emodule.f   ThermoEffi.f    volume.f 
-KIVA-4 with no modification (original version)
  kiva-4.zip from LANL
-CHEMKIN with KIVA-4 beta version for 64 bit WINDOWS.
  *Visual Studio 2008 and 2010 are available
 -nsoot_w.f (new soot_w.f) modified by Mr.s Kodama, Adachi and Nakayama
  *replaced soot_w.f with nsoot_w.f in CHEM-KIVA-4 beta
  manual (In Japanese) of nsoot.f by Mr. Kodama
-CHEMKIN with KIVA-4 samples
  *The datahk, chem.bin files are necessary in the work directry
  *Comments in itape5 must be deleted, when used.
  Gasoline DI with 4 fuels in gasoline surogate scheme
-A set of validation of nsoot_w
  *homogeneous rich HCCI combustion (Lambda=0.35, 0.425, 0.5)
  validation set
-MicroAVS script examples set
  CVC ( kiva4grid, itape5, script files)
  Engine 45 deg. sector mesh ( kiva4grid, itape5, script files)
  Engine 60 deg. sector mesh ( kiva4grid, itape5, script files)
-CHEMKIN with KIVA-4 ver.1 for 64 bit WINDOWS
  *replaced moon4.f with new moon4.f in CHEM-KIVA-4 beta
    new moon4.f
  *replaced nsoot_w.f or soot_w.f with soot_wn.f in CHEM-KIVA-4 beta
   (modified by Mr. Kodama)
  *replaced chemkiva4.lib with new chemkiva4.lib in CHEM-KIVA-4 beta
   chemkiva4.lib for CHEM-KIVA4 ver.1 (rename chemkiva4.lib after DL)
  *replaced spray_monitor.f with spray_monitor_n.f in CHEM-KIVA-4 beta
    (improved by Mr. Adachi for calculating vapmass of multi-component fuel)
-CHEMKIN with KIVA4 ver.1 for mac
  * files are same as those of WINDOWS
  * use chemkiva.lib for mac
     chemkiva.lib for mac (rename chemkiva4.lib after DL )
  * compile from command-line by using 'make -f makefile_mac'
     makefile for mac
- Making equivalence ratio histogram from the specified *.inp file
  *  Eq_Histogram.zip  (made by Mr. Kodama)
- Detailed soot formation analysis output
  * pltavs_w2.f
  * MicroAVS script set
- KIVA-4 manual
- chemkiva4.lib for DDF for WINDOWS (Chem. cal. starts before the fuel injection )
 The problem is weaken up. It is afraid that "eqlow" and "eqhigh" are not worked to select cells computed.
- Use emodule_wn.f and rinput_wn.f from old ones to set "eqlow" and "eqhigh" in new rinput.f
  Find lines improved to find ''20121204'' in each files. And then, combined these libraries.
  * chemkiv4.lib
  * chemkiva4.lib (For DDF) 
- Some modifications and debug for 64 bit WINDOWS
  setup_w_n by Mr. K. Kogo, spray_monitor_nn.f, breakhrt42_n.f by Mr. B. Zhou
  New chemical equilibrium values can be extracted by spdEq(i4c,K). earth4 or related subroutines.
 *chemkiva4.lib (For DDF)

- A modified setup_w.f is proposed by Mr. Kogo, which adjust the model to the crevice.
   See the file, setup_w_nn.f . 2013/04/20
- Windows *.bat file example   :     ThermPro.bat
- KIVA-3V : SI engine samples
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