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NO.  Title of paper  Total number of citations Impact Factor for FY2022
1 K Suzuki, H Sato, T Kikuchi, T Abe, S Nakaji, K Sugawara, M Totsuka, K Sato, K Yamaya: Capacity of circulating neutrophils to produce reactive oxygen species after exhaustive exercise. Journal of Applied Physiology, 81(3), 1213-22, 1996. 144  3.3
2 H Hasegawa, K Suzuki, S Nakaji, K Sugawara: Analysis and assessment of the capacity of neutrophils to produce reactive oxygen species in a 96-well microplate format using lucigenin- and luminol-dependent chemiluminescence. Journal of Immunological Methods, 210(1), 1-10, 1997. 87  2.2
3 K Suzuki, M Totsuka, S Nakaji, M Yamada, S Kudoh, Q Liu et al.: Endurance exercise causes interaction among stress hormones, cytokines, neutrophil dynamics, and muscle damage. Journal of Applied Physiology, 87(4), 1360-7, 1999.  252  3.3
4 K Suzuki, M Yamada, S Kurakake, N Okamura, K Yamaya, Q Liu et al.: Circulating cytokines and hormones with immunosuppressive but neutrophil-priming potentials rise after endurance exercise in humans. European Journal of Applied Physiology, 81(4), 281-7, 2000.  230  3.0
5 K Suzuki, S Nakaji, M Yamada, M Totsuka, K Sato, K Sugawara: Systemic inflammatory response to exhaustive exercise. Cytokine kinetics. Exercise Immunology Review, 8, 6-48, 2002.  402 7.3
6 K Suzuki, S Nakaji, M Yamada, Q Liu, S Kurakake et al.: Impact of a competitive marathon race on systemic cytokine and neutrophil responses. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, 35(2), 348-55, 2003.  252  4.1
7 JM Peake, K Nosaka, K Suzuki: Characterization of inflammatory responses to eccentric exercise in humans. Exercise Immunology Review, 11, 64-85, 2005.  346 7.3
8 JM Peake, K Suzuki, G Wilson, M Hordern, K Nosaka, L Mackinnon, JS Coombes: Plasma cytokine changes in relation to exercise intensity and muscle damage. European Journal of Applied Physiology, 95(5-6), 514-21, 2005.  182  3.0
9 JM Peake, K Suzuki, G Wilson,  M Hordern, K Nosaka, L Mackinnon, JS Coombes: Exercise-induced muscle damage, plasma cytokines, and markers of neutrophil activation. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, 35(5), 737-45, 2005.  177  4.1
10 K Suzuki, JM Peake, K Nosaka, M Okutsu et al.: Changes in markers of muscle damage, inflammation and HSP70 after an Ironman triathlon race. European Journal of Applied Physiology, 98(6), 252-34, 2006.  139  3.0
11 DA Galvao, K Nosaka, DR Taaffe, N Spry, LJ Kristjanson, MR McGuigan, K Suzuki et al.: Resistance training and reduction of treatment side effects in prostate cancer patients. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, 38(12), 2045-52, 2006.  218  4.1
12 S Izawa, N Sugaya, K Shirotsuki, KC Yamada, N Ogawa, Y Ouchi, Y Nagano, K Suzuki et al. Salivary dehydroepiandrosterone secretion in response to acute psychosocial stress and its correlations with biological and psychological changes. Biological Psychology, 79(3), 294-8, 2008 88  2.6
13 N Kawanishi, H Yano, Y Yokogawa, K Suzuki: Exercise training inhibits inflammation in adipose tissue via both suppression of macrophage infiltration and acceleration of phenotypic switching from M1 to M2 macrophages in high-fat-diet-induced obese mice. Exercise Immunology Review, 16, 105-18, 2010.  315  7.3
14 K Sanada, M Miyachi, M Tanimoto, K Yamamoto, H Murakami, S Okumura, Y Gando, K Suzuki et al.: A cross-sectional study of sarcopenia in Japanese men and women: reference values and association with cardiovascular risk factors. European Journal of Applied Physiology, 110, 57-65, 2010.  223  3.0
15 S Wada, Y Kato, M Okutsu, S Miyaki, K Suzuki et al.: Translational suppression of atrophic regulators by microRNA-23a integrates resistance to skeletal muscle atrophy. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 286(44), 38456-65, 2011.  141  4.8
16 N Kawanishi,  H Yano, T Mizokami,  M Takahashi,  E Oyanagi,  K Suzuki: Exercise training attenuates hepatic inflammation, fibrosis and macrophage infiltration during diet-induced obesity in mice. Brain Behavior, and Immunity, 26(6), 931-41, 2012.  85  15.1
17 S Sawada, M Kon, S Wada, T Ushida, K Suzuki, T Akimoto: Profiling of circulating microRNAs after a bout of acute resistance exercise in humans. PLoS One, 8(7), e70823, 2013.  86  3.7
18 N Kawanishi, T Mizokami, H Yano, K Suzuki: Exercise attenuates M1 macrophages and CD8(+) T cells in the adipose tissue of obese mice. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, 45(9), 1684-93, 2013.  97  4.1
19 K Kanda, K Sugama, H Hayashida, J Sakuma, Y Kawakami, S Miura, H Yoshioka, Y Mori, K Suzuki. Eccentric exercise-induced delayed-onset muscle soreness and changes in markers of muscle damage and inflammation. Exercise Immunology Review, 19, 72-85, 2013.  131  7.3
20 M Takahashi, K Suzuki, HK Kim et al.: Effects of curcumin supplementation on exercise-induced oxidative stress in humans. International Journal of Sports Medicine, 35(6), 469-75, 2014. 65  2.5
21 JM Peake, PD Gatta, K Suzuki, DC Nieman: Cytokine expression and secretion by skeletal muscle cells: regulatory mechanisms and exercise effects. Exercise Immunology Review, 21, 8-25, 2015.  266  7.3
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25 YL. Hung, SH. Fang, SC. Wang, WC. Cheng, PL. Liu, CC. Su, CS. Chen, K. Suzuki, C. Li: Corylin protects LPS-induced sepsis and attenuates LPS-induced inflammatory response. Scientific Reports, 7, 46299, 2017.  93  4.6
26 K. Suzuki: Cytokine response to exercise and its modulation. Antioxidants, 7 (1), 17, 2018.  76  7.0
27 YL Hung, SC Wang, K Suzuki, SH Fang, CS Chen, WC Cheng, CC Su et al.: Bavachin attenuates LPS-induced inflammatory response and inhibits the activation of NLRP3 inflammasome in macrophages. Phytomedicine, 59, 152785, 2018.  56  7.9
28 K Suzuki: Chronic inflammation as an immunological abnormality and effectiveness of exercise. Biomolecules, 9(6), 223, 2019.  119  5.5
29 RT Ruhee, S Ma, K Suzuki: Sulforaphane protects cells against lipopolysaccharide- stimulated inflammation in murine macrophages. Antioxidants, 8(12), 577, 2019.  33  7.0
30 RT Ruhee, S Ma, K Suzuki: Protective effects of sulforaphane on exercise-induced organ damage via inducing antioxidant defense responses. Antioxidants, 9(2), 136, 2020.  32 7.0
31 K Suzuki, T Tominaga, RT Ruhee, S Ma: Characterization and modulation of systemic inflammatory response to exhaustive exercise in relation to oxidative stress. Antioxidants, 9(5), 401, 2020.  72  7.0
32 RT Ruhee, K Suzuki: The integrative role of sulforaphane in preventing inflammation, oxidative stress and fatigue: A review of a potential protective phytochemical. Antioxidants, 9(6), 521, 2020.  67 7.0
33 R Kawakami, M Miyachi, S Sawada, S Torii, T Midorikawa, K Tanisawa, T Ito, C Usui, K Ishii, K Suzuki et al.: Cut-offs for calf circumference as a screening tool for low muscle mass (WASEDA'S Health Study). Geriatrics & Gerontology International, 20 (10), 943-50, 2020.  27 3.3
34 K Khoramipour, A Basereh, AA Hekmatikar, L Castell, RT Ruhee, K Suzuki: Physical activity and nutrition guidelines to help with the fight against COVID-19. Journal of Sports Sciences, 39(1), 101-7 10 2021.  47 3.4
35 H Zouhal, R Bagheri, R Triki, A Saeidi, A Wong, AC Hackney, I Laher, K Suzuki et al.: Effects of Ramadan Intermittent Fasting on gut hormones and body composition in males with obesity. International Journal of Environmental Research & Public Health, 17(15), 5600, 2021.  27 3.4
36 K Suzuki, H Hayashida: Effect of exercise intensity on cell-mediated immunity. Sports, 9(1), 8, 2021.  24 2.7
37 H Nobari, HA Nejad, M Kargarfard, S Mohseni, K Suzuki, et al.: The effect of acute intense exercise on activity of antioxidant enzymes in smokers and non-smokers. Biomolecules, 11(2), 171, 2021.  19 5.5
38 Asbaghi, M Ghanavati, DA Larky, R Bagheri, MR Kelishadi, B Nazarian, M Nordvall, A Wong, F Dutheil, K Suzuki, et al.: Effects of folic acid supplementation on oxidative stress markers: A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials. Antioxidants, 10(6), 871, 2021.  41 7.0
39 N Majidi, F Rabbani, S Gholami, M Gholamalizadeh, F BourBour, S Rastgoo, A Hajipour, M Shadnoosh, ME Akbari, B Bahar, N Ashoori, A Alizadeh, F Samipoor, A Moslem, S Doaei, K Suzuki. The effect of vitamin C on pathological parameters and survival duration of critically ill coronavirus disease 2019 patients: A randomized clinical trial. Frontiers ㏌ immunology, 12, 717816, 2021.  25 5.0
40 S Moradi, R Bagheri, H Mohammadi, A Jayedi, MM Lane, O Asbaghi, S Mehrabani, K Suzuki: Ultra-processed food consumption and adult diabetes risk: A systematic review and dose-response meta-analysis. Nutrients, 13(12), 4410, 2021.  20 5.9
41 M Kawashima, N Kawanishi, T Tominaga, K Suzuki, et al.: Icing after eccentric contraction-induced muscle damage perturbs the disappearance of necrotic muscle fibers and phenotypic dynamics of macrophages in mice. Journal of Applied Physiology, 130(5), 1410-20, 2021. 11 3.3
42 D Ashtary-Larky, MR Kelishadi, R Bagheri, SP Moosavian, A Wong, SH Davoodi , P Khalili, F Dutheil, K Suzuki et al.: The effects of nano-curcumin supplementation on risk factors for cardiovascular disease: A GRADE-assessed systematic review and meta-analysis of clinical trials. Antioxidants, 10 (7), 1015, 2021. 32 7.0
43 YCherni, M Hammami, MC Jelid, G Aloui, K Suzuki et al.: Neuromuscular adaptations and enhancement of physical performance in female basketball players after 8 weeks of plyometric training. Frontiers in Physiology, 11, 588787, 2021. 11 4.0
44 H Arazi, E Eghbali, K Suzuki: Creatine supplementation, physical exercise and oxidative stress markers: A review of the mechanisms and effectiveness. Nutrients, 13(3), 869 2021. 30 5.9
45 H Arazi, A Falahati, K Suzuki: Moderate intensity aerobic exercise potential favorable effect against COVID-19: The role of renin-angiotensin system and immunomodulatory effects. Frontiers in Physiology, 12, 747200, 2021. 14 4.0
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