Research topics and some downloadable papers

Functional load

  • Mafuyu Kitahara (2005) ``An estimation of the functional load from the frequency of phonological oppositions, '' slides presented in Phonology Forum 2005, Fukuoka University, Aug. 25 [PDF (281KB) ] Also see my PhD thesis below.

Pitch accent in Japanese

Speech rhythm and dynamics

  • Bushra Zawahdeh, Keiichi Tajima and Mafuyu Kitahara (2002) ``Discovering Arabic Rhythm through a Speech Cycling Task,''
    in Dilworth B. Parkinson and Elabbas Benmamoun (eds.) Perspectives on Arabic Linguistics XIII-XIV, Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins, pp. 39-58. [PDF (254KB)]
  • Mafuyu Kitahara, Tadao Murata and Haruka Fukazawa (2003) ``Rate induced resyllabification and sonority scale in Japanese,'' presented at the 15th ICPhS, Barcelona. [Poster: gzip-ed post script (1.5MB)] [Paper: PDF (104KB)]

OT Phonology

  • Haruka Fukazawa and Mafuyu Kitahara (2005) ``Ranking paradox in consonant voicing in Japanese,''
    draft prepared for J. van de Weijer, K. Nanjo, and T. Nishihara (eds.) Voicing in Japanese, Berlin/New York: Mouton de Gruyter, pp. 105-121
    [Abstract ] [PDF (262KB)] [gzip-ed post script (127KB)]