Kohei Kawamura's Homepage Updated 14 July 2020

Graduate School of Economics
Faculty of Political Science and Economics
Waseda University

      [Curriculum Vitae]

* I organize the WINPEC Microeconomics Workshop at Waseda.

Research Interests
  • Industrial Organization, Political Economy, Game Theory, Contract Theory, Corporate Governance
Publications Research Papers and Work in Progress
  • "Efficient Equilibrium in Common Interest Voting Games: A Note" (with Vasileios Vlaseros) [pdf]  July 2020
  • "News Begets News: A Model of Endogenously Repeated Costly Consultation" (with Mark Le Quement) [pdf]  March 2019
  • "Subsidies and Self-Funding" (with Yasuhiro Arai)  
  • "Measuring Beliefs and Social Concerns in Simple Games" (with Santiago Sánchez-Pagés)  
  • "Constrained Communication with Multiple Agents: Anonymity, Equal Treatment and Public Good Provision" [pdf]  February 2007