Waseda Workshop on Theoretical and Computational Methods of Nonlinear Water Waves

                                             非線形水波の数理入門                                                         English version
An Introduction to the Mathematical Theory of Nonlinear Water Waves             

非線形波動・流体力学の分野でご活躍されている Roberto Camassa 教授University of North Carolina)と Wooyoung Choi 教授(New Jersey Institute of Technology)をお招きして, 早稲田大学にてWorkshopを開催することになりました.Camassa教授とChoi教授にはWorkshopで集中講義をしていただきます. Workshopの詳細は以下のとおりです. 多数の方々のご参加をお待ちしています. 

·       Date:  May 16-17, 2016

·       Location:  早稲田大学 西早稲田キャンパス62号館1階大会議室

·       Intensive Lecture Speakers
      Prof. Roberto CamassaUniversity of North Carolina

         Prof. Wooyoung ChoiNew Jersey Institute of Technology

·       Schedule


   May 16

     May 17


 1:00pm -2:30pm


Fundamentals of fluid mechanics and free surface flows


                   Prof. Roberto Camassa


Unidirectional wave propagation and integrable models in shallow water


Prof. Roberto Camassa


2:45pm -4:15pm


Asymptotic theories for nonlinear water waves


Prof. Wooyoung Choi


Periodic waves and stability in deep water


Prof. Wooyoung Choi




 A meshless numerical approach to spectral wave modeling


Adrean Webb


Effect of phase modulation on parametric instability of oceanic internal waves 


Yohei Onuki




 On the wave geometry of unstable Stokes’ waves in deep water


Hidetaka Houtani


Multisymplectic structures and variational integrators

for higher order field theories 


Linyu Peng






Simulating observed freak waves in deep water near Japan using WAVEWATCH III and the higher order spectral method


Wataru Fujimoto 


·       Other Speakers:

Wataru Fujimoto (University of Tokyo), Yohei Onuki (University of Tokyo), Linyu Peng (Waseda University), Hidetaka Houtani (National Maritime Research Institute), Adrean Webb (University of Tokyo)


Abstract (PDF)


·       Support:


JST CRESTモデリングのための精度保証付き数値計算論の展開」(「現代の数理科学と連携するモデリング手法の構築」領域)


·       関連する研究会:

Mini-Workshop on Nonlinear Waves in Fluids, In honor of Professor Mitsuaki Funakoshi on the occasion of his retirement , 2016年5月19—20日,京都大学数理解析研究所




                                                                                                     Organizers  丸野 健一(早稲田大学)

                                                                                                                             村重 淳 (茨城大学)