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Komatsubara Lab
Laboratory for Human Life Engineering : Human Factors & Ergonomics in Waseda University

Research Domain
The purpose of Laboratory for Human Life Engineering is to develop engineering methodology and techniques to make fitting artifacts at living, industry and social life to the human abilities and everyday life, from the point of human natural behaviour. It has a deep relation with human factors and ergonomics.
The followings are the examples of research projects.

note: Occupational or muscle-skeletal ergonomics and industrial design of art are not treated as labo studies. Because Human Life Enginering studies relate with emotional or cultural aspect, foreign students are required of N2 or at leaset N3 level of Japanese language ability to enjoy the laboratory study..

Human Factors and Safety Engineering
analysis and prevention of accidents caused by human behavior
development of non-technical skills and their education & training
risk management and resilience engineering

Product Design and Human Life Engineering
evaluation of ICT usability
service and experience development
ethnological study on casual human lives

Cognitive Ergonomics
development of cognitive models to describe natural behavior
appliance of cognitive models for increment of usability and safety

B.S. M.S and Ph.D, on Industrial Engineering, Human Factors and Ergonomics
Certified Professional Ergonomist of Japan Ergonomics Society

Contact address
Department of Industrial and Management Systems Engineering
School of Creative Science and Engineering
Waseda University
Shinjyuku-ku Ohkubo 3-4-1 Tokyo 169-8555, Japan
komatsubara.ak (at) waseda.jp