Machiko Kusahara, Ph.D.

Media Scholar/Media Art Curator

Professor, School of Letters, Arts and Sciences, Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan.
Visiting Professor, Department of Design|Media Arts, UCLA

Machiko Kusahara is a researcher in media art and theory, who has been publishing and curating in the interdisciplinary field connecting art, science, technology, culture, sociology and history. She is given Ph.D in engineering from University of Tokyo for her theoretical research in this field.

Before joining Waseda University Kusahara taught at UCLA's Department of Design|Media Arts as a visiting professor from April 2002 to March 2003.

As a part of the research Kusahara created a virtual museum on "Utsushi-e", Japanese phantasmagorie (fantasmagoria) like pre-cinema animated magic lantern show, for the Ministry of Culture's Virtual Museum. In 2001 she curated a large-scale media art /technology exhibition Fushigi Jungle for the City of Kobe. Now Fushigi Jungle 3D Virtual Museum is on the web with Deutche Welle.

Curation, Planning, Jury, Recent Major Involvement:
Japan Media Arts Festival, ISEA04, LIFE , NTT/ICC(InterCommunication Center, Tokyo), Ars Electronica, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, SYNWORLD, Annecy International Animation Festival 99,Digital Image, IAMAS, IMI, DCAJ, CG-ARTS, JST, VRSJ
A Mixed Reality Project "Fantastic Phantom Slipper" she collabborated was shown at SIGGRAPH98 Enhanced Realities.

Major publications: Migrating Images (Center of World Culture, Berlin, 2004), The Robot in the Garden (MIT Press, 2000, ed. Ken Goldberg), Iwanami Multimedia and Information Lecture Series (Iwanami, 2000), Computer Graphics Anthology (Bunkensha Publishing, 1989), Computer Graphics Access (Bunkensha Publishing, 1992), [email protected](Springer 1997) and others.

Kusahara was an asssociate professor of media theory at Kobe University Graduate School of Science and Technology since 1998, after teaching media art theory and practice at the Faculty of Art of Tokyo Institute of Polytechnic since1994.

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