Workshop on

Geometry and Nonlinear PDE

Waseda University (Nishi-Waseda Campus, Building 51, Room 18-06)

13 January 2015


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Map showing building 51


Tuesday 13 January 2015 in Building 51, Room 18-06

14:45-15:45 Chang-Shou Lin (National Taiwan University), "Mean field equations, isomonodromic deformation and Painleve VI"

16:00-17:00 Martin Guest (Waseda University), "Painleve III: the geometry of the solutions"

17:20-18:20 Takashi Takebe (National Research University, Moscow), "Dispersionless integrable hierarchies and Loewner equations"

18:40- Party


Chang-Shou Lin: "Mean field equations, isomonodromic deformation and Painleve VI" Recently we discovered the connection of bubbling phenomena with solutions of Painleve VI. I will talk about this connection and other developments.

Martin Guest: "Painleve III: the geometry of the solutions" This is part of a project to study nonlinear pde related to geometry/physics, by using integrable systems methods as well as pde methods. In this talk we use the radial sinh-Gordon equation (Painleve III equation) as a basic example. By combining local and global information, we build a complete picture of the behaviour of all solutions. This is joint work with Claus Hertling (University of Mannheim).

Takashi Takebe: "Dispersionless integrable hierarchies and Loewner equations" Dispersionless integrable hierarchies are a class of integrable systems obtained as quasi-classical limits of integrable hierarchies like the KP hierarchy, the Toda lattice hierarchies and so on. It turned out that Loewner type equations in complex analysis appear from the reduction of dispersionless integrable hierarchies. Examples of this phenomenon are presented.

Organising Committee: Tohru Ozawa, Martin Guest, Hideo Kozono, Kazunaga Tanaka (Waseda University)

This workshop is organised by the Research Institute of Nonlinear PDEs at Waseda University, and sponsored by:

JSPS Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (A)25247005 (PI: Martin Guest)

JSPS Program for Advancing Strategic International Networks to Accelerate the Circulation of Talented Researchers (Osaka City University - Kobe University - Waseda University, PI: Yoshihiro Ohnita)

Institute of Mathematical Fluid Dynamics (Project Research Institute, Comprehensive Research Organization, Waseda University)