International Workshop on Geometric Evolution Equations and Related Fields

OCAMI, Osaka City University, Faculty of Science, Building E, Room E408

8-9 March 2021

(Taiwan participants will present Zoom lectures)




Dr. Jui-En Chang (National Taiwan University, Taiwan)
Professor Chih-Wei Chen (National Sun-Yat Sen University, Taiwan)
Professor Qing-Ming Cheng (Fukuoka University)
Professor Siao-Hao Guo (National Taiwan University)
Dr.Toru Kajigaya (Tokyo Denki University)
Professor Naoyuki Koike (Tokyo University of Science)
Dr. Keita Kunikawa (Utsunomiya University)
Professor Chun-Chi Lin (National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan)
Dr.Yukihiro Seki (OCAMI)
Dr. Wei-Bo Su (Academia Sinica, Taiwan)
Dr. Ryosuke Takahashi (Kyushu University)
Professor Chung-Jun Tsai (National Taiwan University, Taiwan)
Professor Chin-Tung Wu (National Pingtung University, Taiwan)

Room E408 (Large Conference Room), Building E, Faculty of Science


abstracts of talks (pdf) poster (pdf, small version - larger version available from martin at

(begins at 10:00 Osaka, 09:00 Taipei, each day)

Participants from Japan: in order to receive Zoom log in information, please send an e-mail to Martin Guest (martin at stating your name, university affiliation, and position/student status.

Organizing committee:

TAIWAN: Shu-Cheng Chang (National Taiwan University), Mao-Pei Tsui (National Taiwan University)

JAPAN: Martin Guest (Waseda University), Yoshihiro Ohnita (Osaka City University and OCAMI),

This conference is a joint Japan-Taiwan activity in differential geometry. Past activities include:

2nd Taiwan-Japan Joint Conference on Differential Geometry 1-5 November 2019, NCTS, National Taiwan University, Taiwan.

1st Japan-Taiwan Conference on Differential Geometry & 8th OCAMI-TIMS Joint International Workshop on Differential Geometry and Geometric Analysis 13-17 December 2016, Waseda University, Japan poster program abstracts

This conference is an activity of, and supported by, the Osaka City University Advanced Mathematical Institute MEXT Joint Usage/Research Center on Mathematics and Theoretical Physics

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