Some information on current lectures (autumn semester, 2023-24)


ƒeƒLƒXƒgFu‹`ƒm[ƒg@iŽQl•ΆŒ£Fu•‘‘fŠΦ”˜_v“ό]Ί“ρEŠ_“c‚•v@“ΰ“c˜V’ί•ή 1996j

’†ŠΤƒeƒXƒgF ‚P‚PŒŽ‚Q‚Q“ϊ@ (‚P‚RF‚P‚O|‚P‚SF‚T‚Oj

Šϊ––ŽŽŒ±F‚PŒŽ‚Q‚S“ϊ@ (‚P‚RF‚P‚O|‚P‚SF‚T‚Oj


International Course: Geometry A (Friday 10:40-12:20) Room 60-213

This course will be an introduction to the theory of manifolds.

Textbook: Lecture notes will be distributed (references will be given in the notes).

Mid-term tests: 3 short tests, dates to be announced during the lectures

Final exam: none

Announcements (please check this page for updates): time changed to 13:10-14:50, room changed to 51-17-08

”χ•ͺŠτ‰½ŠwA, Šτ‰½ŠwD2, Advanced Geometry (‹ΰ—j“ϊ‚P‚VF‚O‚O|‚P‚WF‚S‚OAFriday 17:00-18:40) ‚T‚S|B‚O‚PŽΊ, Room 54-B01

This course is an introduction to representations of Lie groups. The lectures will be given in English and/or Japanese (depending on the audience).

Announcements (please check this page for updates):

Super-Global Course(SGU W’†u‹`j: Advanced Study of Nonlinear Mechanics

Lectures (for Parts A and B) will be given by Professor Ernst Heintze (University of Augsburg, Germany) and visiting lecturers on "Representations of symmetric spaces", 13-16 November and 27-28 November 2023. Further details