Academic year 2018-19: no regular lectures, but please see this page for the SGU course Advanced Study of Nonlinear Mechanics.

Some information on past lectures (autumn semester, 2017-18)

Advanced Geometry (Friday 13:00-14:30, room 60-03-02)

An introduction to complex analysis in English, for international students. Relations with geometry will be emphasized. Prerequisites: basic analysis and linear algebra and (preferably) some set-theoretic topology.

Textbook: "An Introduction to Complex Analysis", Ravi P. Agarwal, Kanishka Perera, Sandra Pinela, Springer 2011 (free online to Waseda students, from Waseda Library)

Mid-term exams: 24 November, 22 December

Final exam: 26 January 13:00-14:30 (in usual lecture room)

Announcements (please check this page for updates):

”÷•ªŠô‰½ŠwA, Šô‰½ŠwD2, Advanced Geometry (Friday 16:30-18:00, room 53-B03)

Advanced course on Morse theory and its applications. Prerequisites: theory of manifolds. The lectures will be given partly in Japanese, partly in English.

Announcements (please check this page for updates):

ŠÖ”˜_B (…—j“ú‚P‚OF‚S‚O|‚P‚QF‚P‚OA52-301Žº)

ŠÖ”˜_A‚ÌŒp‘±BƒeƒLƒXƒgFuŠÖ”˜_v“ü]º“ñEŠ_“c‚•v@“à“c˜V’ß•Þ 1956