Working Papers
Positions Held
2014~present Associate Professor, School of International Liberal Studies & Graduate School of International Culture and Communication Studies, Waseda University
2010~14 Assistant Professor (tenure-track), School of International Liberal Studies, Waseda University
2008~10 Visiting Associate Professor, Waseda Institute for Advanced Studies, Waseda University
2006~08 Lecturer, Centre for European Studies & School of Economics, Fudan University
2005 Research Assistant, School of Geographical Sciences and School of Law, University of Bristol
Visiting Fellowships
2016~2017 Visiting Scholar, Harvard-Yenching Institute, Harvard University
2014 International Chair, Department of Political Science, LUISS Guido Carli
2007~2008 Visiting Research Associate, Faculty of Political Science and Economics, Waseda University
2007 Visiting Scholar, Institute of International and European Policy, Catholic University Leuven
2003 Visiting Fellow, Research and Documentation Center on Direct Democracy, University of Geneva
Academic Degrees
2005 PhD in Politics, University of Bristol
2001 Master in European Politics, Lund University
2001 Master in Economics, Fudan University
1998 Bachelor in Law (Public Administration), Fudan University
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Research Grants
Economic Regionalism in Post-AFC East Asia: Domestic Reforms and Regional Cooperation, MEXT Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research, April 2015~March 2018.
The Rise of State-Led Economic Regionalism in East Asia, Waseda Special Research Grant, July 2014~March 2015.
Nationalism and Regionalism in Europe and East Asia, MEXT Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research, April 2010~March 2014.
Regional Powers and Regional Integration: A Comparative Study centered on China, Waseda Special Research Grant, April 2009~March 2010.
The State and Regional Integration: A Comparison of Europe and East Asia, Waseda Special Research Grant, April 2009~March 2010.
The Political Economy of Anti-Dumping Policy-Making in the EU, Shanghai Pujiang Scholar Foundation, Sep 2007~Dec 2008.
Conference Presentations (after 2010)
2017/3 Hallsworth Conference on China and the Changing Global Order, Manchester, UK.
2017/2 ISA 2017 Annual Convention, Baltimore, Maryland, USA.
2017/2 Harvard Asian Center Seminar, Harvard University, Cambridge, USA.
2017/1 New England-AAS Annual Conference, Boston College, Boston, USA.
2016/12 Harvard-Yenching Institute, Harvard University, Cambridge, USA.
2016/3 ISA 2016 Annual Convention, Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
2015/10 KFG Conference on Comparative Regionalism, National University of Singapore, Singapore.
2014/10 GR:EEN Workshop, ULB, Brussels, Belgium.
2014/7 IPSA World Congress, Montreal, Canada.
2013/4 ISA 2013 Annual Convention, San Francisco, California, USA.
2013/1 GR:EEN Workshop, Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan.
2012/9 Japan Society for Public Interest and Common Goods Studies 2012 Annual Conference, Hosei University, Tokyo, Japan.
2012/8 GR:EEN Workshop, University of West Australia, Perth, Australia.
2012/5 GR:EEN Workshop, FLASCO, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2012/3 ISA 2012 Annual Convention, San Diego, California, USA.
2010/10 JAIR 2010 Annual Convention, Sapporo, Japan.
2010/9 APSA 2010 Annual Meeting, Washington D.C., USA.
2010/3 PSA 2010 Annual Conference, Edinburgh, UK.
2010/3 ECPR 2010 Joint Sessions of Workshops, Munster, Germany.