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Jun Murakami
Department of Mathematics, Waseda University
3-4-1 Ohkubo, Shinjuku-ku Tokyo, 169-8555, JAPAN

WASEDA RIKO Toporogy seminor

Non-semisimple graded extended TQFTs

Marco De Renzi (Universite Paris Detroit)

Movember 21, 2016 16:30 ~
51st building, Nishiwaseda Campus, Waseda University



Workshop on Volume Conjecture and Quantum Topology
-- a new perspective on low-dimensional geometry --

September 6 ~ 9, 2016
at Room 54-204, Nishiwaseda Campus, Waseda University

Video of the talks are available here.
Many thanks to Seonhwa Kim for preparing these videos.



What I am working on...
I am working on invariants of knots, links and 3-manifolds.


Recent papers and preprints

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