Workshop on Hyperbolic volumes

December 9 (Tue.) -- December 11 (Thu.), 2003
at Third conference room, Second floor, S55 building
Waseda University (Ohkubo campus)

This small workshop is devoted to understand hyperbolic volumes and some related topics, including hyperbolic volume conjecture.

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Yunhi Cho (University of Seoul)
Kazuhiro Hikami (University of Tokyo)
Ruth Kellerhals (University of Fribourg)
Gregory Leibon (Dartmouth College)
Koji Ohnuki (Waseda University)
Jun Murakami (Waseda University)
Naoko Tamura (Tokyo Metroporitan University)
Akira Ushijima (University of Warwick)
Yoshiyuki Yokota
(Tokyo Metroporitan University)

Jun Murakami
Department of Mathematical Sciences
School of Science and Engineering
Waseda University
e-mail: [email protected]