Shinichiro NAKAMURA

Professor of Industrial Ecology
Faculty of Political Science and Economics
Waseda University
Tokyo 169-8050, Japan
Last update: 10. November 2017


  • Hajime Ohno (Chemical Engineering at Tohoku University) published a new paper "Optimal Recycling of Steel Scrap and Alloying Elements: Input-Output based Linear Programming Method with Its Application to End-of-Life Vehicles in Japan" in Environmental Science and Technology, with me as a co-author together with Kazuyo Matsubae, Kenichi Nakajima, Yasushi Kondo, and Tetsuya Nagasaka.
  • I gave a keynote speech "Tracking the fate of Cr and Ni in steel over life cycles of multiple products: measuring circularity with quality of recycling " at the 4th Inernational Conferece on Final Sinks, Kyoyo, 24-26 October, 2017
  • My artricle with Yasushi Kondo, Shigemi Kagawa, Kazuyo Matsubae,Kenichi Nakajima and Tetsuya Nagasaka "MaTrace" (EST2014) is now openly accessible.
  • My article with Yasushi Kondo, Kenichi Nakajima, Hajime Ohno, and Stefan Pauliuk, "Quantifying recycling and losses of Cr and Ni in steel throughout multiple life cycles using MaTrace-alloy" is openly accessible in Environmental Science and Technology
  • A new entry in Supplementary Information, Error and Typo, of my book with Yasushi Kondo, Waste Input-Output Analysis, Springer 2009.
  • My article with Stefan Pauliuk, Yasushi Kondo, and Kenichi Nakajima, "Regional distribution and losses of end-of-life steel throughout multiple product life cycles - Insights from the global multiregional MaTrace model" published in Resources Conservation and Recycling is now openly available.



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