Tatsuyuki NEGORO

Main Publications (In Japanese):
@@ Beyond Customer Relationship Management, PHP, 2002
Business Strategy and Business Innovation, asakurashoten, 2001
The future Strategy of Medicine Industry, Toyo Keizai, 2000
Internet Business Strategy, Nikka Giren, 1999.
ERP and Business Reform, Nikka Giren, 1998.
Information Network and Organizational Change, Sanno College Press, 1997.

Publications (In English):
Ono, Keinosuke and Tatsuyuki Negoro, The Strategic Management of Manufacturing Businesses, 3ACorporation, 1992.
Negoro, Tatsuyuki, Possibility Beyond Customer Relationship Management: From Encirclement to Open Partnership, Waseda Business & Economic Studies, No.38, 2003.
Negoro, Tatsuyuki, Industrial Change by Information Networks, KENSHU (AOTS), NO.157, 2000, pp.12-16.
Kimura, Makoto and Tatsuyuki Negoro, Information Exchange Models of Internet Commerce-Platform Business for the contribution to the Industrial Development, Fifth International Conference, Asia-Pacific Region of Decision Science Institute, 2000.
Negoro, Tatsuyuki, A Reconstruction of the Constitutive Rules of Soft Systems Methodology, Systemist, Vol.17, No.3, 1995, pp.146-156.
Kohta, J., A. Bird, T Negoro and S. Fujita, American and Japanese Contrasts, Technologie and Management, 1994, pp.11l-l19.
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Negoro, Tatsuyuki, A Potentiality of Soft Systems Methodology As a Device of Intervention on Strategy formulation, CEMlT92/CECOIA3, 1993.
Kohta, J., A. Bird, T Negoro and S. Fujita, Managerial Perceptions of Manufacturing Technologies: American and Japanese Contrasts, CEMlT92/CEC0IA3, 1993.
Negoro, Tatsuyuki, Critique of 'Total Systems Intervention': Ten Questions, Sanno College Bulletin, 1992, pp.89-117.
Negoro, Tatsuyuki, Examination of the Concept of Key Factor For Success From a Systems Thinking Perspective, M.C.Jackson et all eds., "SYSTEMS THINKING IN EUROPE," Plenum Press, 1991,pp.l77-182.

Japanese publications by T. NEGORO