In April 2020, the Seminar on Cognitive Science of Theatre was established in Faculty of Human Sciences, Waseda University, Japan. Cognitive Science of Theatre is a research field on theatre relevant cognitive process and functions. Representation, memory, problem solving, etc., as well as interactions in which many people participate at the same time are also research themes. For example, the stage representation as a common input in the theatre, the appreciation experience as a collective behaviour, and the synchronization of the performer-spectator group are also topics of legitimate research questions. We aim at cognitive science of theatre as an empirical research field by combining psychological experiments with numerical experiments and other new methods.



  • A reviewed paper authored by Dr. Ryota Nomura was published in Physical Review E. (2022.9.12)
  • Dr. Ryota Nomura received the 8th Society Award from the Japan Society for Laughter and Humor Studies (JSLHS) (2022.8.27)
  • Dr. Ryota Nomura is scheduled to speak at Online Liveness Symposium on March 25, 2021. Details are here(2021.3.19)
  • A book "Proxemics in Theatre: The Laws of Distance that Govern Live Performance" (dZERO) by Dr. Ryota Nomura will be released on February 8, 2021. (2021.2.3)
  • Dr. Ryota Nomura received the 14th Academic Encouragement Award from Risokai (Doctoral Alumni) of the Tokyo University of Science. Our research will be published in Science Forum of Tokyo University of Science. (2020.09.26)
  • Announcement of Research Project "Optimal allocation of seats in theatre during the period of COVID-19"(2020.05.26)
  • The book "An Encouragement of Scribbling", co-authored by Dr. R. Nomura, has been published.(2020.04.20)
  • Eight undergraduate students were asigned to Seminar on Theatre Cognitive Science(2020.04.01)
  • Seminar on Theatre Cognitive Science has been established. (2020.04.01)
  • A booklet, "How to Speak Learned From Rakugo: For Teachers," was published. This booklet provides tips for public speaking based on a workshop conducted by Koharu Tatekawa. (2020.03.31)