Research Outline


I have been working on morphology and syntax and their interface, primarily focusing on the following phenomena:

  • Case and agreement in Icelandic
  • Case and agreement in Hindi-Urdu
  • Pronominal clitics and verb inflection in European Portuguese
  • Japanese verb inflectional morphology
  • Japanese particles
  • Morphosyntax of negation

Constraint-based Grammatical Theory

I specialise in Constraint-based Grammar, in particular Lexical-Functional Grammar (LFG). I have some knowledge about a sister framework, Head-driven Phrase structure Grammar (HPSG), but I have not conducted any research in that framework yet.

Evolution of Language and symbolic system

After obtaining my PhD, I started working on relatively larger research domain, which I have been interested in but haven't been working on. Evolution of language is one of them. I'm particularly interested in such research questions as evolution of symbolic system, language as adaptive traits, continuity from great apes' communication (animal calls, gestures etc.), validity of evo-devo approach to language evolution, and computer modeling of symbolic/language evolution.