Shinji Kimura,
Waseda University

Shinji Kimura, Dr. Eng. (Japanese Version is here)
Professor, Waseda University
Graduate School of IPS, System LSI
2-7 Hibikino, Kitakyushu, Fukuoka, 808-0135 JAPAN
TEL&FAX: +81-93-692-5374
N325 (3-rd floor, North tower)

Curriculum Vitae
Born at Hyogo Prefecture, Japan  
  (2.5 hours by train from Kyoto or Osaka)
1978 - 1982   Bachelor of Information Engineering, Kyoto University
1982 - 1984   Master of Information Engineering, Kyoto Univeristy
1984 - 1985   Dr. of Egineering Course, Kyoto University
Oct. 1985     Assistant Professor, Kobe Univ. 
Jan.  1989    Obtained Dr. of Engineering degree at Kyoto University 
              for a thesis entitled "Logic Simulation Based on 
              Regular Expressions".
April 1993    Associate Professor, NAIST
April 2002    Professor, Waseda University

New Topics

June 15, 2007
IPS has been selected as one of 10 centers of Global COE (Centor of Excellence) Program in the field of Information, Electrical and Electronic Sccience. The title is "International Research and Education Center for Ambient SoC" the leader of which is Prof. Satoshi Goto of IPS.

I am interested in the high level design and design verification of system LSI's.

Current research themes are as follows:

  • System LSI Design Methods
  • High Level Design Verification
  • Timing Verification
  • High Level Optimization Methods
  • Manipulation of Logic Functions (BDD, SAT)
  • Logic Level Parallel Algorithms
  • Reconfigurable Hardware
  • Test Data Compaction Methods

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