Sachiko Shudo
Professor, School of Law, Waseda University

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Sachiko Shudo teaches English and linguistics in the School of Law, Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan. She was born and grew up in Tokyo. She graduated from Sophia University with a B.A. in sociology. After working two years, she went to the U.S. in 1985. She first studied English language and literature at University of Delaware (a B.A. in 1987 and an M.A. in 1989). She then studied linguistics at Georgetown University (Ph.D. in 1998). She also taught Japanese there. She moved back to Tokyo in 1997. She taught English in Sophia University and University of the Sacred Heart before she started teaching in Waseda University. Currently, she is Associate Director of Waseda University's Global Education Center. She does research in pragmatics and in language and law. She is the Editor-in-chief for Hou to Gengo, the annual journal for the Japanese Association for Language and Law.

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