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Matsuoka's Seminar

The focus in my seminar is on global environmental issues and poverty reduction. Furthermore, my mission is to improve the applicability and effectiveness of sustainable development. As for my students, my aim for them is not only to have a high professional knowledge of those matters, but also to succeed in their ambitions, always to put effort into what they do, have a cool and sound judgment, and never to abandon their goals. Moreover, I hope that my students will develop a kind and flexible heart with an ability to perceive other's happiness and sadness.

If students want to do a certain job, they need to put maximum effort in order to reach that goal. At the same time, they have to think about what is right in each situation. While working to that end, students need to exercise their cool judgment and try to please others. Sometimes, a sense of humor is also needed to overcome difficult situations.

All in all, this means that in order to cultivate professional knowledge, we need to cultivate the various aspects of our human abilities. My hope is that my students do not focus on their failures, but boldly face and succeed in overcoming new challenges. Endurance is also a major part of overcoming new challenges. Students that have the courage and endurance necessary are most welcome to join my seminar.