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Africa Research Project

This project aims to analyze a number of issues in Africa, including climate change and environment, poverty reduction, industrial development, trading, rural development and infectious diseases, and will identify critical issues to improve the development aid to African countries. Special attention is paid to the role of governmental agencies and their capacity building and how development aid can strengthen the capacities to combat the various issues that African countries are facing.

(Japanese only) Africa Development and Capacity Development (text).pdf(416KB)
(Japanese only) Africa Development and Capacity Development (chart).pdf(430KB)
Reference from 松岡俊二(2008), 「アフリカ開発とキャパシティ・ディベロ ップメント:ケニアの経済開発戦略と貿易政策を中心に」,吉 田栄一(編)『アフリカ開発援助の新課題』, 日本貿易振興機構アジア経済研究所, pp.107-142. Click here learn more.

The pictures bellow were took by Pro. Matsuoka in Africa during the fleld trip.
  ・Sep. 16th 2007 Professor with flamingo

  ・Sep. 19th 2007 A vegetable factory near to Nairobi International Airport