EDLT TOKYO 2012 a Great Success!
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About the workshop

  Since the discovery of Electric Double Layer Transistors (EDLTs), they have been used extensively for a variety of fields, taking advantage of the huge capacitance of EDL. Particularly in this decade, ionic liquids and ion gels have attracted considerable attention because of their printability, flexibility, high ionic conductivity, large specific capacitance, wide electrochemical window, field-induced electronic phase transitions and applications light-emitting devices. Therefore, EDLT has attracted special attentions from the physics and engineering fields. Moreover, a similar technique is expanding to optoelectronic field. This workshop is proposed to provide an opportunity for discussion and to promote new collaborations in this rapidly growing field for the first time.


 Invited speakers

        C. Daniel Frisbie, University of Minnesota                          Jun Takeya, Osaka University

        Jana Zaumseil, University Erlangen-Nuremberg                Masaki Nakano, RIKEN

        Takafumi Hatano, RIKEN                                                    Yuichi Kasahara, The University of Tokyo

        Yijing Zhang, The University of Tokyo                                 Shimpei Ono, CRIEPI

        Tomo Sakanoue, Yamagata University                                Shun Wang, University of Minnesota

        Kazuhiro Marumoto, University of Tsukuba                       Hidekazu Shimotani, Tohoku University

        Taishi Takenobu, Waseda University                                   Yohei Yomogida, Tohoku University



  The workshop will be held at Department of Physics, University of Tokyo.

  Building 1, Faculty of Science
  2nd Floor, Room 206

  Location & Access




  Scientific program of EDLT TOKYO


 Organizing Committee

        Yoshihiro Iwasa, The University of Tokyo                           Jun Takeya, Osaka University

        C. Daniel Frisbie, University of Minnesota                          Hidenori Takagi, The University of Tokyo

        Taishi Takenobu, Waseda University


 Sponsored by

    QPEC (Quantum-Phase Electronics Center), School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo