Third Announcement (update July 19, 2004)

International Workshop on Knots and Links in a Spatial Graph

July 20-28, 2004

At Waseda University, Tokyo, JAPAN

This workshop is partially supported by Japan Topology Project, based on
JSPS Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research, represented by
Prof. Toshitake Kohno (Tokyo University), and
Prof. Makoto Sakuma (Osaka University).

We will study the proof of Sachs' linkless embedding conjecture
by Robertson-Seymour-Thomas and will try to give a topological and/or simple
proof for it. We will also consider the knotless embedding problem, as well as
other topics in spatial graph theory.
This is not an ordinary conference, it is a working workshop.
In particular, the goal of the workshop is work collaboratively on questions
about knotting or linking in spatial graphs
With this in mind, we would like people to present parts of
Robertson-Seymour-Thomas' proof, or their own results on intrinsic linking
and knotting of graphs.  In addition to giving talks, we plan to spend part
of each day working in groups to come up with a topological proof of
Robertson-Seymour-Thomas' result.  The people on the list of
participants are those who have already expressed an interest in
participating in such a workshop.  However, we would like to invite all of
you to come to the workshop and give a talk on this topic, and/or to
participate in our collaborative work sessions.

Erica Flapan (Pomona College)
Joel Foisy (SUNY Potsdam)
Ryo Nikkuni (Waseda University)
Makoto Ozawa (Komazawa University)
Kouki Taniyama (Waseda University)
Tatsuya Tsukamoto (Waseda University)

Waseda University, Nishi-waseda Campus, Building No 14, Room 503

July 20 : arrival and registration (no workshop)
July 21-23 : workshop
July 21 18:30 : reception
July 24 : excursion (no workshop)
July 25-27 : workshop
July 27 18:30 : banquet
July 28 : departure (no workshop)

    Link to the participants and their related papers

1. Reception: July 21, 18:30, Approximately 2,000 Yen.
2. Excursion: July 24, 13:40 - 17:20, 5,000 Yen (Adult) / 3,800 Yen (Child 6-11years old).
3. Banquet: July 27, 18:30, Approximately 4,000 Yen.

List of participants


Way to Waseda University (Nishi-Waseda Campus)



The high temperature in Tokyo in the period of workshop will be approximately 33 degrees.
It is also very humidity. Most of the buildings are air-conditioned.

Internet access will be available during the period of workshop.
There will be many terminals available in the workshop room.

There are many banks and cash dispensers in Tokyo.
In many situation your credit cards and cash cards will be available.