Development of Rescue Team Support System using Wireless Network

In order to enhance security and work efficiency of rescue teams at the scene of a disaster, we developed a remote monitoring system which can keep track of team members' situations and communication method in collaboration with a company. Furthermore, a watching service system of elderly people or children for their safety using the monitoring system has been developed.

Keywords: Wireless sensor network, ZigBee, Multi-hop communication, watching service

Development of monitoring system in hospitals and nursing facilities using IoT devices

We are developing a system that monitors the health status and activity status of patients admitted to hospitals and care recipients in nursing facilities by using a wireless network. By using IoT devices such as IMU (acceleration, gyro), pulse sensor, and thermometer, collecting daily data and creating a database, various machine learning methods are used (random forest, CNN, LSTM, etc.) It can grasp estimating position and behavior and detecting the occurrence of fall accidents.

Keywords: IoT, machine learning, remote monitoring, behavior estimation, anomaly detection


Development of fault detection and diagnosis system for chemical plants

We have studied the development of the system that detects and diagnoses the failure arises in chemical plants. Time series data in the past conditions are accumulated as a database, and technique "database model", which detects abnormal condition by the comparison between predictive value and measured value using database, is being developed. For the fault diagnosis of the large-scale system, we developed the technique "the SDG fault diagnosis method" using the signed directed graph based on graph theory in which the high-speed diagnosis was possible. In addition, we have developed the corrosion rate estimation system to assist accurate inspections to prevent accidents due to external corrosion under insulation.

Keywords: fault detection, fault diagnosis, signed digraph, graph theory, external corrosion



Hand gesture recognition systems based on human body information

White board cleaner robot

Version 1 (x10 speed)

Version 2 (x4 speed)


Kitakyushu, Japan