William Carlos Williams@(1883-1963)̎ǂ

Selected Poems of William Carlos Williams. Ed. Charles Tomlinson. New York: New Directions, 1985.




"This is just to say" (74)

"The Red Wheelbarrow" (86)

"Nantucket" (72)

"Between Walls" ()

"Dedication for a Plot of Ground" (25)


"The Widow's Lament in Springtime"(34)

"The Lonely Street"(35)

"Spring and all" (39-40)

"The Farmer" (41)

"To a Poor Old Woman" (97)

"Proletarian Portrait" (98)

"The Raper from Passenack" (99-100)

"The Last Words of My English Grandmother" (139-140)




"At the Ball Game" (57-58)

"Young Sycamore" (61)

"The Sun Bathers" (66)

"The Cod Head" (67-68)

"The Locust Tree in Flower" (Second version) (94)

"The Yellow Chimney" (156)

"The Bare Tree" (157)