The Sakai Laboratory Research Projects (for 3rd-year students)

Last updated: 30th August, 2016


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FAQs about Sakai Lab Research Projects


Q: 酒井研でプロジェクト研究をやれば酒井研に配属されますか?

If I do a Research Project in the Sakai Lab, would that guarantee my joining the Lab later on?

A: いいえ、プロジェクト研究と研究室配属は基本的に関係ありません。

No, Research Projects generally do not affect lab placements.


Q: どのようなプロジェクトができますか?

What kind of projects can I do in a Research Project at the Sakai Lab?

A: 指導教員のサジェスチョンと学生の希望をすり合わせた上、研究開発の方向性を暫定的に決定します。中間発表のとき(春学期は7月・秋学期は11月)に最終的な方向性を確定してもらいます。

An initial direction for R&D will be set based on suggestions from the Professor and the student's wishes. Students must finalise their research directions by the mid-semester progress report day (July for Spring Semesters; November for Autumn Semesters).


Q: プロジェクト研究生は何が求められますか?

What are Research Project students expected to do?

A: 中間発表で自分の達成目標を宣言をし、期末の成果発表会でデモをしてもらいます。また、毎週水曜日6限の学部ゼミに出来る限り参加してもらい、先輩の卒論に向けた取り組みを見てもらいます。これは自分のプロジェクトの方向性を決める参考にもなります。

Students will declare what they plan to accomplish at the mid-semester progress report day, and show a demo in the final presentation. Also, students are expected to join the weekly Bachelors' seminar (6th period every Wednesday) as often as possible, to learn how 4th-year students work toward obtaining a Bachelor's degree. This should be useful for Research Project students to set their own research directions.


Q: 酒井研でプロジェクト研究を履修したいのですがどうすればよいですか。

I want to enroll in a Research Project at the Sakai Lab. What should I do?

A: 春学期の履修については2月後半に、秋学期の履修については9月前半に、指導教員に連絡をとり相談してください。

For Spring Semester Research Projects, contact Professor Sakai by late February.

For Autumn Semester Research Projects, contact him by early September.



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