WASEDA University

Takumi Naito

Visiting Scholar, Department of Economics, Vanderbilt University (9/21/2016 - 9/20/2018)

Professor, Faculty of Political Science and Economics, Waseda University


Work in Progress

  1. Can the optimal tariff be zero for a growing large country?
  2. A lab-equipment model of growth with heterogeneous firms and asymmetric countries.
  3. Trade diversion is reversed in the long run.

Working Papers

  1. [Abstract] A larger country sets a lower optimal tariff, RIETI Discussion Paper Series 17-E-037, 2017, Review of International Economics, revise and resubmit.
  2. [Abstract] Capital accumulation through studying abroad and return migration, with Laixun Zhao, Discussion Paper Series DP2014-06, RIEB, Kobe University, 2014, Journal of Economics, revise and resubmit.

Publications in Refereed Journals

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Other Information

June 1, 2018