Workshop idea: Why study lexical-semantic paradigms? Click here for details.

Current Projects

Discourse Functions of Antonymy

In his 2002 study using a newspaper corpus, Steven Jones described several classes of antonyms and their function in discourse. We are involved in several projects applying his insights to a wider range of languages and linguistic contexts .

Antonym Canonicity

What distinguishes canonical antonyms (such as light/dark and fast/slow)from other pairs of words with contrasting meaning (such as pale/dark and speedy/slow)?

Group Members

The members of this group all share a fascination with antonyms--their innate characteristics and the way these manifest in speech and writing, of children, adults, and language learners.

We've studied antonymns in English and Swedish, and recently, in Japanese, and we hope to expand our research to include other languages and other lexical relations.

Resources for Comparative Lexicography

About Our Funders

We would like to thank the institutions below for funding various research projects of the Complexica Project.