New information

Post Publication (Start of call for papers for Springer Book)
New Keynote Information is placed on the web
The information of parties is placed on the web
The detail location information is placed on the web
Program is renewed on the web including author index and title index.
Prfesentation Guidline is placed on the web
20130206 The tentative program of Feb 6 Version is placed on the web. This program is changable without any notification. Also Paper List, Table of Contents, Author Index and Term Index are placed on the web

2013.0201 The tentative program is placed on the web. This program is changed without any notification
2013.0201 The tentative program is placed on the web. This program is changed without any notification.
2013.0121 The ISAE copyright agreement form is placed.
2013.0112 The early bird registration was extended till January 31.
2013.0111 The symposium committee list was updated.
The payment to the bank should be sent the net amount of the conference fee. We do not cover any handling fee at the bank.
2013.0106 Thank you for many submissions. We have some allowance. But we do not extend officially the deadline. If you still submit a paper, please contact with Chair or Program Chair of ISAE2013. We have some allowance.
2013.0106 The submission form has the wrong expression. Please follow the comments on 2012.1229. The submission form was updated.
2012.1229 Please keep 4 to 8 pages for one paper. Extra page charge is 5,000JPY per page over 8 pages.
2012.1229 Early Bird Registration is till January 15, 2013. After February 15, 2013 the conference fee is received at the registration counter.
2012.1229 All papers should be paid at least one conference fee till 15, 2013.
2012.1229 Bank Account is opened. The information is on the Registration /Payment as Account is 2870422, Holder Name is ISAE2013, The Bank of Fukuoka, LTD, Kurosaki Branch
2012.1223 Deadline was extended to Dec. 31, 2012. Please submit the full paper till Dec. 31, 2012.The 500-word abstract is not necessary.
2012.1223 The form files were updated. When you use the previous version, please change footnote from ISAE2012 to ISAE2013.
2012.1219 English native check at Author support
2012.1219 Translation from Japanese at Author support
2012.1219 Review form link was updated.
2012.1116 Conference fee has welcome reception, banquet fee, two lunches
2012.1118 submission paper form was renewed using ISAE2013 original form.
2012.1118 Post publication is renewed.
2012.1130 The deadline was extended.
2012.1130 The page limitation is 4 to 8 pages.