Post publication of ISAE2013/JSKE2013 The book of selected papers

Industrial Applications of Affective Engineering

As a memorial of ISAE2013, we will publish the postpublication book to show the present state of the art about theoretical methodologies for affective engineering and also provide real applications of affective engineering. The book of the selected papers will be published by Springer in this year.

Mainly, the book consists of resubmitted papers from ISAE2013 (International Symposium of Affective Engineering) and the eighth Spring Conference of Japan Society of Kansei Engineering (named JSKE2013) held at Kitakyushu, Japan in March 2013. We would encourage all the authors of papers presented at ISAE2013 or JSKE2013 to submit their expanded paper after substantially heightening it in Springer book chapter format.

We will also accept a book chapter of affective engineering about methodology or/and application from a past journal publication.

All the submitted papers are examined on multireviewer basis. Any papers can be acceptable by the resubmission of their research results in the past or published papers in a journal as well as papers from both the conferences.

The chapter should be differentiated substantially from a paper in the past achievement such as changing a title. The totally same paper will not be accepted in order to remove any possibilities of plagiarism.

We do not prohibit the authors of a book chapter from ISAE2013 and JSKE2013 from their submission of their paper to any journals, if they remove any plagiarism issue.

The book chapter is reviewed about the following points (review points):

How is the book chapter related to Affective Engineering (Kasei Engineering)?
Does it have innovative points in the book chapter?
Does it write the review or survey of the field related to the book chapter?
If the book chapter is theoretical research, does it clarify the methodology sufficiently and indicate applicable applications? Their applications can be included in the review (3).
If the book chapter is related to a real application, does it explain what kind of a real application is concerned? Also it has to indicate possibilities of other applications.
Does it give conclusions or concluding remarks at the end of the text?
Does it include related references?
Is English clear and readable? We prefer American English.
When the paper submitted to ISAE2013 was required to have a native English review, we encourage attaching a certificate of a native check of the book chapter.
(10)Five to ten keywords just after a 100 to 150word abstract should be
included in the book chapter.
(11)All the figures and tables have their caption and should be referred in the
(12)All the references should be cited in the text.

Important Schedule:

31 May, 2013 30 June, 2013 Deadline of Submission 30 June, 2013 31 July, 2013 Notification of Acceptance 31 July, 2013 31 Aug., 2013 Cameraready manuscript 15 August, 2013 15 Sept., 2013 Final Manuscript will be sent to Springer

30 October, 2013 30 Nov., 2013 Book Publication

Expected length of a paper

8 pages to 12 pages Shorter papers than 8 pages will not be reviewed. The longer paper can be acceptable but pages more than 12 pages will be charged 10,000JPY a page.

Template and Application form

You can obtain the application form and the templates of WORD or Latex on the web: ISAE2013 (


Dr. Junzo Watada, Prof.
Waseda University, Japan Dr. Hisao Shiizuka, Prof. Kogakuin University, Japan Dr. Kunpyo Lee, Prof. KAIST, Korea Dr. Tsuyoshi Otani, Prof. Shinshu University, Japan Dr. Chee Peng Lim, Assoc. Prof. Deakin University, Australia