Second Announcement

International Symposium on
Management Engineering 2012


August 22 (Wednesday)-August 25 (Saturday), 2012

Management Engineering to Bridge Gap between Human and System

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Keynote Speech 1
A/Prof L. C. Jain Dr. Lakhmi C. Jain[the biodata] Prof. University of South Australia, Australia[the web]
Intelligent Paradigms and their Practical Applications[the abstract]
Keynote Speech 2
Dr. Kashi R. Balachandran
[the biodata]
Distinguished Professor, G. D. Goenka World Institute, Delhi, India [the web]
Prof. Emeritus, New York University, USA
[the web]
The Valuation and Reporting of Organizational Capability in Carbon Emissions Management[the abstract]
Keynote Speech 3
Dr. Jeng-Shyang Pan [the biodata] Professor in the Department of Electronic Engineering, National Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences, Taiwan. [the web]
Overview of Swarm Intelligence [the abstract]

Organized by
      International Society of Management Engineers
Sponsored by
      Graduate School of Information, Production and Systems, Waseda University
Co-sponsored by
      Kitakyushu City
     Japan Association for Management Systems

About the Symposium
This symposium is the fourth symposium organized by Management Engineering Research Group to discuss on the present state of arts of 。ネmanagement engineering.。ノ The symposium is held for promoting the research on Management Engineering.

The management engineering was renamed from Industrial Engineering where the strength is placed on management as well as production in the industrial engineering. Originally industrial engineering was a research area where the effective and efficient production was to be realized in factories or production.
Therefore, time study, human factors, scheduling, human studies were included in the area. Recently, the effectiveness and efficiency of management are more required in the strongly competitive world.

The Management Engineering is also strengthened on new methodologies including artificial intelligence, soft-computing as well as management science and operations researches.

Since the propose of Fuzzy Sets by Lotfi A. Zadeh the research of fuzzy systems has been done very widely and rapidly. Today the concept of fuzzy systems is merged and fusion with various concepts and technologies. One of such areas is named soft computing that is considered to go beyond von-Neumann type of computing. The Intelligent Computing is intending to employ such methods to deal with words.

The symposium is concerning with rather wide range including intelligence, computation, operations research, management science as well as probability theory and possibility theory, fuzzy sets, rough sets, approximate reasoning, linguistic information processing and automata, knowledge discovery, clustering and data analysis, fuzzy control and modeling, optimization under uncertainty and its applications, games and decision making, fuzzy analysis, fuzzy game.

We are welcoming all participants to attend and present recent results and discuss from the perspective of soft and innovational computing.