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Purchase Procedure

  ① Click the purchase button
Please click the purchase button on the product page. The application email screen will be displayed automatically.
Please fill in the item number, name, address and phone number before sending.

② Send an email
Please fill in the required items in the email and send it to the Xover editorial office (the address remains the same).

③ Transfer The transfer information (displayed amount + shipping fee to the customer) will be sent by email from the Xover editorial office.
We will send you a notification of the completion of the order as soon as the payment is confirmed.

④ Product arrival
We will deliver the item by Yamato Transport's Nekoposu.
We have taken all possible measures to ensure that the packaging is complete, but if there are any defects, please email the Xover editorial office within 7 business days.

① 購入ボタンをクリック

② メールを送信

③ お振込み お振込みの情報(表示金額+お客様のもとへの配送料)をXover編集局からメールにてお送りいたします。

④ 商品到着

《Xover編集局連絡先:[email protected]


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