My research interests include climate change policies, air pollution regulation, transportation policies, energy policies,
voluntary actions and the innovation of environmental technology.


April 2021

I made comments on the climate summit at the NHK world Japan.

March 2021

I discussed carbon neutrality and carbon pricing for Japanese economy in Tokyo College with Prof Takeo Hoshi and Prof Taka Ito. Here is the link to the episode on YouTube.

February 2021

Prof Shiro Takeda and I published an article on the double dividend of carbon tax in Japanese economy in Sustainability Science

February 2021

I gave a talk on carbon leakage under Tokyo ETS at Ateneo de Manila University.

Novenber 2020

I published a coauthored paper on green purchasing by Japanese local municipalities in Sustainability.

October 2020

My coauthored paper, “The role of staff assignment in implementing energy-conserving practices in small- and medium-sized firms: an empirical analysis based on data from a Japanese survey” is published on Energy Efficiency.

October 2020

My coauthored paper, "How much household electricity consumption is actually saved by replacement with Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs)?" is published on Economic Analysis and Policy.

August 2020

My coauthored paper, "Energy‐Related Environmental Policy and Its Impacts on Energy Use in Asia" is published on Asia Economic Policy Review.

June 2020

I received the outstanding publication award from Society of Environmental Science, Japan.

March 2020

My coauthored paper, “The impact of the Tokyo emissions trading scheme on office buildings” is published on Environmental Economics and Policy Studies.

Research Themes