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■About the Lab
 Research theme, specialty, etc.

 Introduction of Prof. Suzuki's
 Lab members
 Major papers, etc.

  Katsuhiko Suzuki, M.D. & Ph.D.
    Professor, Faculty of Sport Sciences,
    Waseda University.

   Department of Life Sciences, Graduate School
    of Human Sciences, Waseda University (MS: 1993).
   Hirosaki University School of Medicine (MD: 1999, PhD: 2002).
   General Physician Training Course, Internal Medicine, Hospital,
     International Medical Center of Japan (IMCJ).

  ■Study fields
    Applied health sciences, Sport sciences, Immunology,
    Internal medicine

  ■Research interests 

  1. Risk assessment of acute and chronic exercise using biochemical and immunological variables.
  2. Analysis and assessment of immunity and inflammation centered on phagocytes and cytokines.
  3. Role of free radicals and antioxidants in health and diseases
  4. Exercise prescription for lifestyle-related diseases
  5. Assessment of anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory properties in food components

.  Publications  
    Recent publication on Exercise and Cytokines, Neutrophils,
   Inflammation, Polyphenols, Muscle damage, Endurance performance,
and COVID-19.

   ORCiD and e-mail  
   katsu.suzu* (Please replace * to @)