Attosecond and Ultra-fast spectroscopy
(Niikura lab)
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Visualization of a complex wave function Phys.Rev.A106, 063513 (2022)

"Coherent imaging of an attosecond electron wave packet",
D.M.Villeneuve, P. Hockett, M.J.J.Vrakking and H. Niikura , Science 356, 1150 (2017)

Congratulations !!
for Dr. Anne L'Huillier, Dr. Ferenc Krausz and Dr. Paul Corkum

Wolf Prize in Physics 2022
"for pioneering contributions to ultrafast laser science and attosecond physics"


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movie for f-orbital

(this is a measured movie !)
"Max Born's statistical interpretation --- An electron is observed as a particle,
its statistics represents (a form of) a wavefunction"

movie on youtube by JST MIRAIKAN

Our research topics�F

Attosecond Science
Imaging an electron wavefunction
Molecular dynamics

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Keyword�F Attosecond physics, Re-collision electron, High-harmonic generation, Extreme ultra-violet, Carrier-envelope phase stabilization, Molecular orbital imaging, Attosecond coherent control, Chemical reaction dynamics

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