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Welcome to Oka-Laboratory

The major research subjects are advanced power reactor design and innovative computational methods.

ATTENTION!!"Natural Disasters and Energy"
(submitted Octorber 24,2011)
ATTENTION!!"Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant Accident Caused by Massive Tsunami" Waseda online/Daily Yomiuri online
(May 6,2011)


27 March
Mr. Taishi Yoshida received "Fellow prize" of Atomic Energy Society of Japan(AESJ)
28 Feb.
Mr. Kyosuke Hasegawa received encouragement award of AESJ

14 Nov.
Mr. Wu Jianhui and Mr. Sutanto presented the results of their studies at ANS wintermeeting in USA
13 Nov.
Professor Oka delivered invited talk "Role of Nuclear Energy and University Research" at Special panel session celebrating 75th anniversary of the discovery of fission at Winter meeting of American Nuclear Society in Washington DC , USA
18 Sept.
Mr Matsuura presented his study at Particle 2013 international conference in Stuttgart, Germany
4 Sept.
Nine presentations of Super fast reactor project were made in series at AESJ fall meeting in Hachinohe-city
17 Aug.
Mr. Kamata participated in the internship at CEA Cadarache, France
8 Aug.
Recruitment of Tenure Track Facalty for the Academic Year 2014 started.
5-10 Aug.
Mr.Wu, Mr Guo and Mr Ligen participated in the summer school in Hokkaido
31 Jul.
Mr.Yoshida and Mr.Kamata presented their studies at ICONE21 in Chendgu, China
19 Jul.
Professor Oka’s three years term as the guest professor of NPIC is over.
21 Jun.

Mr.Ligen and Mr.Matsuura presented their studies at JSCES meeting at University of Tokyo
4 Jun.

Korean translation of the Waseda booklet (editor: K.Kamata) was published.
30 May

Dr. Chen, Ronghuaq joined as a post doc.
25 May

Barbeque party at Ariake.
26 Apr.

Mr. D. Bittermann delivered lecture on post Fukushima actions in Germany and core cather design.
15 Apr.

Mr Ligen participated in SARnet course at Imperial College, London.
1 Apr.

Three master course students and five undergraduate students joined our lab.
25 Mar.

3 master course students graduated. Ms. Honda received excellent research prize and Mr. Tamiya received excellent achievement prize of the department.
15 Mar.

"Nuclear Reactor Kinetics and Control"(Editors:YoshiakiOka and Katsuo Suzuki) is published from Springer
4 Mar.

Prof. Oka, Mr. Sutanto, Mr.Jianhui Wu and Ms. Honda madepresentation at ISSCWR6 in Shrenzhen, China
22 Jan.

"Fuel and Core Design of Super Light Water Reactor with Low Leakage Fuel Loading Pattern" K.Kamei et al. received 2012『JNST Most Cited Article Award』.
8 Jan.
"High plutonium breeding of light water cooled reactors" is released to the press.

1 Dec.
Dr. Asril Pramutadi Andi Mustari joined as a post doc.
22 Sep.
Summer camp at Karuizawa seminar house of Waseda University
21 Sep.
Mr. Rui Guo joined PhD course.
6 Aug.
"Melt behavior in lower head of RPV" project is funded by MEXT.
17 Jul.
3 PhD students and 4 post docs visited JAEA Tokai and Oarai research centers and Tokai-campus of University of Tokyo.
1 Apr.
Mr. Ligen joined PhD course.
26 Mar.
5 master course students graduated. Mr. T. Kawahara received excellent research prize and excellent achievement prize of the department.
20 Mar.
Mr. T.Kawahara received the fellow-prize of Atomic Energy Society of Japan.
30 Jan.
Video presentation of the department and oka-lab are displayed HP of Waseda online tour;
Oka-lab is introduced in the HP of the graduate school;

22 Dec.
PhD study of Oka-laboratory is displayed in the HP of Waseda university"Part1""Part2"
10 Nov.
Professor Oka presented "Natural disaster and Future of Power Plants" at Japan Korea millennium Forum at Yonsei university in Inchon, Korea.
1 Nov.
Mr. Kawahara presented his master course study, "Ex-vessel molten Core solodification Behavior by MPS method" at the ANS winter meeting in Washington DC.
30 Sep.
Mr. Sutanto joined as a PhD student.
28 Sep.
Dr. Yuan Ma joined as a post doctoral researcher.
17-19 Sep.
Summer camp at Karuizawa seminar house of Waseda University
15 Sep.
Dr. Haipeng Li joined as a post doctoral researcher.
12 Sep.
Mr. Jianhui Wu joined as PhD student.
30 Aug.
Prof. Oka visited Department of Nuclear Engineering and Technology of Sichuan University.
29 Aug.
Prof. Oka visited NPIC China for exchange information by invitation.
29 Jun.
Special lecture was presented by Prof. Oka at the international summer school of ICTP-IAEA in Trieste, Italy.
13 Jan. Article,"Super LWR R&D"in Chinese was published in January issue of The Japan Journal.
1 Jan. Mr. Liu Qinjie was employed as a post doctoral researcher.

30 Dec.Book:Advances in Light Water Reactor Technologies" was published from Springer
10 Dec.Article:"Super LWR R&D" was published in December issue of The Japan Journal.
1 Oct.Dr. Wu Feng and Mr. Zhu Xiaojing were employed as post doctoral researchers.
29 JulyBook:"Super Light Water Reactors and Super Fast Reactors" was published from Springer
20-26 JulyDelegation of Nuclear Power Institute of China visited Japan.
9 JulyNuclear Power Institute of China appointed Prof. Oka as Guest professor.
22 JuneUniversity of Tokyo confers upon Yoshiaki Oka the title of Emeritus Professor
21 May"Super FR R&D phase 2" was selected as the project of Innovative Nuclear Research and Development Program of JST/MEXT.
13 MayTsinghua University Day Workshop "Nuclear and New Energy Technologies" was held.
1 AprilOka-lab of Waseda University started.